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JIBASoft’s Martial Arts Billing Software is The Right Business Tool

October 20, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Being a martial arts expert, you need the right tools to run your martial arts school efficiently. One such tool is JIBA Soft’s OnMat martial arts billing software. Not just the billing, it also helps you manage other vital administrative tasks that are crucial for your business growth.

With better management of administrative tasks, martial arts studio owners can easily make better decisions for marketing, grading, membership management, and more. Moreover, they can find loopholes in their admin tasks and further work on making improvements. Hence, they can stand out from their competitors.

When one can manage everything so well at their business, it becomes easier to save money in the long run. After all, you don’t have to indulge in complicated time and money-consuming manual tasks.

Here are some valuable features that make JIBA Soft a perfect business tool for martial arts studios:

Marketing Automation

Thanks to this advanced martial arts integrated billing software it is easier for the studio owners to set up marketing automation. With JIBA Soft’s software, you can just set and forget. All you need to do is set up automated marketing tasks, like sending texts, emails, videos, etc. to the prospects. Once set, you can get back to the rest of the tasks and this software will do its job as per the set schedule.

No More Repetitive Tasks

Another major benefit of the martial arts billing system is that it saves you from doing any repetitive tasks, like sending payment reminders, checking attendance, financial reporting, etc. It is because this software itself handles all these tasks with ease. So, need to do them again and again repetitively. So, your staff and the management team can focus on other vital tasks, like teaching students and making strategies to improve their techniques.

Better Member Management With Martial Arts Billing Software

All thanks to martial arts billing software, you may even monitor grades, student attendance, and payments with ease. Everything becomes simpler due to a single database center. Plus, all the repeated interactions get automated and customized. All this makes the tasks highly effective and saves your time.

Even the students get to book private lessons and check their courses conveniently. They may even access their online lessons to ensure attending their session anytime they want.

Such features are helpful to decrease your administrative work while eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Social Media Scheduling and Integration

Thanks to JIBA Soft’s martial arts billing system, it’s easier to attract students with social media scheduling and integration. Meanwhile, it keeps the audiences engaged with automatic tweets, Facebook posts, and being active on other social media profiles too.

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Automated Fee Collection

JIBA Soft’s OnMat martial arts billing software saves you time that you otherwise spend on chasing members for fee collection. How? Well, this automated billing software sends reminders to members to make pending payments for their classes, one-off purchases, annual memberships, etc. Once this system is installed in the system, businesses can have better control over the payments while keeping track of their order payments.

Managed Report Tracking

This advanced software also helps in tracking weekly, daily, or monthly reports for payment collection. It also checks how payments are made – whether through cancelled memberships, inquiries, payment collection, etc. Besides that, it sets targets for equipment sales, tracking club retention, and forecasting revenue estimates.

Reduce Costly Errors

Even a minor mistake in the entire billing procedure could cost your business a fortune. The errors during the payment procedures can impact one’s relationship with several members. Thanks to the martial arts software process, one can easily avoid such errors that could even impact relationships with members. Thanks to this software, both the studio owners and members have better access to payment details. It means they both are on the same page about payment due dates, payment details, and missing dates.


Since time is business money, it can make a big difference. With automated martial arts billing system, it is easier to keep track of tasks on time. This will help your business to get word of mouth with positive feedback. Hence, it will bring in more new members in the future.

Here are other ways how timing helps with member retention too:

Sending real-time reports on progress, payments, and business planning of students.

Automated retention of emails for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Giving instant expert consultation whenever you need the right answers.

Contact For JIBA Soft Martial Arts Software

JIBA Soft Martial Arts Software helps will all the mentioned things to offer school owners the best tactics, tools, and timings. Due to this, martial arts school can increase their retention, enrollment, income, and profits. Hence, it is easier for businesses to manage their memberships while decreasing errors. This also helps with huge savings in the long run. Besides that, one can even track their finances with this software for getting a higher profit margin.

Do you need such merits for your business too? Get in touch with us for installing this advanced software today.

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