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Managing Belt Testing And Promotions Becomes Easier

February 9, 2016 • JIBASoft INC

Do you own a martial arts school? How do you manage the forever re-occurring process of belt testing and promotions? As an owner and a martial arts instructor, you have the responsibility to prepare, measure and provide feedback to your students as they progress through your belt structure on their journey to black belt. It’s quite a tedious, time-intensive process that is constantly ongoing and one of the most important responsibilities of a successful martial arts studio.

Many martial arts management software claim to manage belt testing but simply keep track of the current belt level. The correct martial arts school management software can help you make the belt testing and promotion process a seamless part of your daily routine.

When looking for the right martial arts management software you need to choose a system that manages the promotions through your belts from beginning to end. The only mobile, cloud-based platform called OnMat by JIBASoft can do these tasks:

Define skills and organize into your curriculums: With OnMat, each belt level in martial arts has its own meaning and a set of skills defined into a curriculum. No matter your belt structure (color scheme), you simply define the skills you teach and then organize those skills into curriculums for each belt level. Students are then measured on the curriculum for their current belt with student progress updates as you see fit.
Track students progress against those curriculums: As students come to class and learn and demonstrate proficiency on skills, you as instructors simply check off those skills in their member profile. This task is made easy as instructors can simply take the App, OnMat, On the Mat with them. And from the parent portal, the students and parents will always know their current status and eligibility for the next belt testing.
Pay belt testing fees anytime, anywhere: Once a student has demonstrated a level of proficiency, OnMat will automatically send out an invitation for belt testing and invite them to pay the belt testing fee at their convenience keeping track of who has paid and who has not.
Grade skills on test day: On test day, use OnMat to grade each skill as they are performed in front of the judges. Once the student is passed they are automatically promoted to the next belt level and comprehensive report card is emailed to the student and parent providing the much needed feedback.
With 85% of Martial Arts Practitioners under the age of 13 years old, it is critical that we educate and communicate to the parents of our members. A happy, educated parent about the life skills we are teaching their children is a happy, paying and most importantly, a renewing customer!

OnMat’s end-to-end belting testing management and Parent Portal, OnMat Now, increases your efficiency 10 fold with this tedious, time-intensive process of belt level management freeing up your time where it is most needed; with your students!