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Martial Arts Management Software For Your Dojo

December 6, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Impactful Martial Arts School Management Software Running a martial arts school is a challenging task. You have to outperform your duties irrespective of your busy schedules. The responsibilities include managing the students and their attendance, payment collection and dues tracking, taking care of registration documentation, performing admin duties, scheduling classes, assigning timetables to trainers, etc. And on top of that, performing these old-school responsibilities requires your 100% involvement as a martial arts studio owner, complicating your obligations. Therefore, leverage the benefits of AI services and automate the dojo management with the help of Martial Arts School Management Software. 

Owning the software will reduce your involvement in the task as the software will automate the entire process until any changes are made. For your consideration, here is the finest Martial Arts Management SoftwareOnMat, powered by JIBASoft. The software automates the entire mundane tasks of your dojo and eases out the struggle of running a fully-fledged martial arts studio.

OnMat is an easy-to-use and powerful software system that welcomes customization according to your requirement. So, spend less time managing your studio and more time training students and making them excel in their skills. With the powerful management system, you can develop your studio at a larger scale and add more martial arts styles. Some popular styles are Traditional Martial Arts, MMA, Judo, Kickboxing, Karate, and Taekwondo.

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OnMat by JIBASoft is feature-packed dojo management software

OnMat is feature-packed software that opens all the aspects of the smooth functioning of your martial arts studio. From managing members’ attendance, payment, monitoring finances, and belt rankings to setting up events, OnMat helps your studio with everything.

    • Helps you manage students-

Students are the core of your martial arts studio. They need proper attention and training, and your attention to other tasks could reduce their share of attention. So, automate the recurring and manual tasks with the help of software and focus more on training and induction. The best part of having software is – you have students’ information, including personal details, membership information, contact details, and progress, at your fingertip.

  • Helps track the student’s progress-

Your martial arts school flourishes when your students excel in their training. But keeping track of each student’s progress record is challenging and requires umpteen documentation. What if you don’t need the document-keeping? Well, OnMat helps you with personalized dashboards of each student showing their progress reports. You can quickly review students and their performances and place your input.

  • Helps track attendance of students-

Student attendance plays an essential role in the success and progress of your martial arts studio. But more than the traditional process of tracking attendance is required for multiple classes. Therefore, as an owner, you need a simplified platform for easy attendance tracking with detailed analytics. The detailed analytics will later help you gauge the student retention rate in the long run. Also, the attendance tracking feature helps track students’ presence for the events and seminars you arrange. This tells students’ interest in learning martial arts as sports.

  • Helps perform organized exams and promotions-

Before being provided with the ranking or promoted to the next level, students are required to be examined for the learned skills. OnMat helps you provide belt rankings and certificates to perform the process of promotion seamlessly. The dashboard also gives students, parents, and trainers a sneak view of each student’s progress.

  • Feel the power at your fingertips-

As a martial arts studio owner, Martial Arts School Management Software comes in handy to you. You get the freedom to multitask without any limitations. The software works fine with all devices, including Mobiles, Tablets, Computers, and Laptops. So, utilize the power of automation and streamline the process of your dojo. The software will also facilitate the accessibility of data and structure the entire process with a large number of students.

Call for the free demo now!

JIBASoft provides a free demo of OnMat. So, grab the chance and book an appointment. During the demo session, you will be given a free hand to understand the working of the software and put forth your questions and concerns. Visit the site now to book your free demo.

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