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Martial Arts Student Management is Incredible!

December 2, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

OnMat is JIBASoft’s powerful, reliable, intuitive, innovative, and the best of all affordable Martial Arts Student Management software out there. With JIBASoft’sOnMat you get the most incredible martial arts student management solutions that are all beneficial and helpful for your martial art school. OnMat is an all-in-one package martial arts student management software that will help you and let you manage all the student information and business-related data and databases of your martial art school all from your singular dashboard.

With powerful martial arts student management software as OnMat your membership and student management will get so much easier. You will be able to easily schedule classes, inform your students about those classes and all of this will be done very smoothly and efficiently. OnMat comes with a very secure payment processing portal and will help you organize and manage automated skills, rewards, and belt management easily, quickly, and efficiently.

With JIBASoft’sOnMat your business will be able to save a lot of time and effort that it used to put into the management of your students, their data, information, achievements, rewards, and belt management. JIBASoft provides you with a great and innovative app-centric solution for all your martial arts student management needs and requirements. You can access our app easily from your desktop, iPad, or any other IOS or android device.

JIBASoft will also provide you with a dedicated assistance team that will take care and looks after everything related to martial arts student management which will allow you to truly give your undivided attention to your students and teaching them. This will also ensure that your business flourishes and reaches new amazing heights and you save money, time, and not have to worry about management and administration at all.

What makes OnMat the best martial arts student management software out there?

JIBASoft’sOnMat provides you with a number of truly efficient and innovative features that will help you easily administer martial arts student management in your school. These features include.

1. Online attendance tracking

OnMat lets you have an online attendance tracking system eliminating the manual and time-consuming process of manually taking attendance. Even your students can check their own attendance record online and you can keep a track of their attendance record too. Our online attendance tracking feature increasing efficiency and saves you and your students a lot of precious time.

2. Rank and belt management

With JIBASoft’sOnMat you get an easy and simple martial arts student management software that lets you customize and manage the ranks and belts held by your students and thus keep a check on their progress easily. Our rank and belt management system eliminate the time that was earlier taken up in the process of belt testing and promotions.

3. A user-friendly dashboard

OnMat comes with a very intuitive, efficient, and innovative dashboard which is very easy to use and very user-friendly. Our dashboard allows you to instantly access all the student data, information, and related databases of your school from a single place saving you a lot of organizing and time.

4. Automated Billing

OnMat’s highly secure and efficient system comes with an automated payment collection feature. So automatically all the billing information and notifications are sent to all the members to remind them that their membership needs to be renewed. This makes the billing process quicker, easier, and devoid of any error.

5. Email Automation

With JIBASoft’sOnMat you can now easily customize and automate various tasks that earlier needed to be done manually by you every time. You can easily automate tasks like landing various pages, sending customized emails for various purposes, and even automatically building campaigns with our email automation feature. This will help you easily keep all your marketing activities organized and let you keep easy track of them.

6. Membership Management

OnMat lets you easily and intuitively manage your members and create their memberships. You can now easily have efficient access to all your students’ files and records and you can even customize the records accordingly. This saves you time and always keeps your members’ data organized.

7. Social media management

With JIBASoft’sOnMat you can easily keep a tab on and monitor all your social conversations and interactions. Our powerful software also lets you integrate all your data and drive management with our martial arts student management software with our social media management tool.

8. Settlement Report

JIBASoft has partnered with 360 payment solutions which are well known as a highly safe and secure billing partner. Yours and your members’ safety and security are taken care of perfectly and it even helps you get access to a settlement report for all the transactions and payments done on your platform.

9. Member Portal

Our incredible member portal is one of the most important things that make us the best martial arts student management software. With our incredible member portal your students and members will be able to easily access and check their own attendance, records, progress, pay their fees, check their time table, communicate with you efficiently, and much more. This is an all in one place which will make the martial arts student management for you so much easier.

10. Multi-Channel Communication

With JIBASoft’sOnMat you can now send customized, automatic, easy, and great timely emails and SMSs to your students and members on their birthdays or any other important days of the year. It also lets you send personalized automatic invitations to one or all of your students r members.

These are just a few of the great features that make JIBASoft’s OnMat is a great martial arts student management software that will help you take your business to new heights.


OnMat is your one solution that will solve all your martial arts student management problems. This martial arts student management software will let you easily and skilfully manage your students’ information and all other data and databases related to them with its amazing features and a user-friendly yet powerful interface at very budget-friendly and affordable prices.

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