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Martial Arts Student Management Software – All You Need To Know

March 17, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

Running a martial arts school isn’t easy. You’ve got classes to manage, members to track, and fees to take into account—all while making sure everyone’s having a great time! It is pretty evident that you’ve tried to find ways to simplify your operations, but life can get busy.

What if there was a way to not only keep track of all the different pieces of information related to running your martial arts school but also free up some time in the process? That’s where Martial Arts Student Management comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore how this student management software can streamline your operations and cut down on the amount of work you need to do each day so that you have a close look at students’ performances and engagement. Plus, this article will also discuss how the right software will make it easier for you and your staff (and let’s not forget about those students!) to stay organized and efficient.

Exploring the Benefits of Martial Arts Student Management Software

If you’re managing a martial arts school, then you know how challenging it can be. From keeping track of memberships and attendance to managing payments and scheduling classes, there’s a lot to stay on top of. And that’s not even mentioning the manual paperwork and admin that comes with running your school.

Martial arts studio management software such as OnMat can be your secret weapon in simplifying your day-to-day operations. With this type of software, you will have a central platform that stores all your data in one place, giving you quick access to any information related to your studio. Plus, features such as automated billing and payment processing mean that you won’t have to worry about tedious manual tasks or late payments anymore.

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Not only this, but martial arts school management software also helps with marketing. You can easily generate promotional emails and track the engagement levels of your campaigns by analyzing the results within the system itself. This makes it easy for you to grow your school’s base and reach more potential members.

Clearly, martial arts school management software has many more advantages than just having everything stored in one place—it can make running your school smoother and simpler than ever!

Customizing Your Software Solution to Fit Your Needs

Running a martial arts school is challenging, but you can make it easier with the right martial arts school management software. This kind of software simplifies promotion planning, student tracking, and class scheduling, and it also provides a custom solution to fit your business’s needs.

For example, one school might need built-in video calling for online classes, while another needs advanced payment tracking for registrations and memberships. Whatever the case may be, you can easily tailor your software solution to meet your unique business needs.

By having the support of well-designed software tailored to your specific operations, you’ll save not only time but money as well by eliminating manual processes such as paperwork and data input by employees. Managing a martial arts school no longer has to be daunting or stressful – if you have the right tools at your disposal!

If you’re an instructor, you can easily:

-Create and send messages to individual students or groups of students

-Send out announcements and updates regarding classes, events, or changes in schedules

-Send reminders about payments dues

-Tracks belts and skill enhancements

-Access the attendances

-Perform skill assessments

-Keep track of all active and non-active students

The software also provides User Dashboard for your students/members. It enables smooth tracking of performances and skill enhancement. From the dashboard, students can:

-Access a calendar that shows classes and other school events

-View materials related to classes or upcoming events

-Receive messages from instructors about class cancelations, new class offerings, or payment reminders.

-See past and upcoming fee transactions

-Gauge with their progress chart

Overall, Martial Arts Studio Software simplifies communication between the instructor and student. This helps keep everyone organized and ensures that no one is missing important information related to their classes. It allows you to streamline and simplify your operations to focus on growing your business and providing exceptional service to your students. Whether you are a newbie just starting out or already have an established martial arts studio, taking advantage of modern technology can help you make your studio stand strong.

OnMat – The ultimate solution for your martial arts studio

OnMat is a popular name among Martial Arts Student Management Software. Designed to keep the hassles of managing a martial arts studio, this software falls perfectly in the category of the best picks. OnMat by JIBASoft provides wide feature customization options for your studio type and size. Visit the official website of JIBASoft,, and browse through their features and offerings. For better clarity on decision-making, take their free software demo.

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