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Martial Arts Studio Software: The facility management

April 5, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Running a martial arts studio is a dream for many. Buy the realization of this dream asks sacrifices of time and comfort. As a dojo manager, you have to stand on one leg efficiently manage the students, classes, meetings, payments and guide the members to make the whole facility work. Here is some relaxing news for you – OnMat, Martial Arts Studio Software, can take away your burden and helps you manage the entire facility without being overburdened.

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The facility management software and its virtuous benefits

Having facility management software takes care of all day-to-day aspects of a facility and its operation. From member management, staff management, payment collection, and marketing, a comprehensive and competitive Martial Arts Management Software does everything.

Generally, the software is a cloud-based application with a dashboard to manage members and staff, collect fees, schedule classes, and perform other operations to run a facility successfully. The software provides you access to all the aspects of your business and runs the business smoothly. The software also enables you to track all the activities happening inside your studio to take a complete insight into the growth and return on investment.

There are many other additional facilities associated with the professional software like OnMat. The additional features include access to retail inventory, POS system integration, marketing tool integration, and detailed insight into the studio’s performance.

The benefits of investing in martial arts facility management software

Investments in facility management or Martial Arts Studio Software help you organize the workflow and gain benefits. It does everything for you, from day-to-day management to planning the business marketing strategies. But for that, you need to purchase a complete package from a reliable like JIBASoft. The OnMat software by JIBASoft has all the features a martial arts facility demands for smooth operation working. Moreover, the experts at the company are always ready for the customization you need according to your business plan.

-Ease of member and staff management and communication

For any successful martial arts studio, its staff and member are the lifelines of the business. Keep the lifeline of your business always running through the impeccable management provided by the Martial Arts Management Software. The software keeps both staff and members’ attendance on track and provides the information to run the facility smoothly. From personal information, belt information, daily attendance, payment details to class schedules, software tracks everything for the betterment of your business.

-Automation of the marketing and consumer engagement

The management software provides owners with a wide array of studio promotion and marketing features, including email marketing, newsletter, etc. As an owner, you can send promotional emails for upcoming offers and discounts to your existing contacts through the software. The software also has features for user engagement with online martial art tutorial videos and demos. Members stay glued to your facility with such facilities and enjoy learning martial arts at your studio.

-Easy customization of class schedules and calendar

For any martial arts studio, classes and training sessions are the sources of earning bread and butter. Any mismanagement in the class schedules and calendar allotment can create huge chaos and negatively impact concerned members. Therefore, the software helps in this direction by offering class schedule management and booking on-demand. The members and staff can access the schedule online and check the upcoming activities and events to mark their presence.

-Integration of POS System and ease of payment 

Software like OnMat comes with the added feature of integrating the POS system for automated payment collection. Students or members don’t need to visit your facility to pay the fee specifically. They can pay on the date through the online payment mode that includes card payments. The system sends messages after successful payment. Also, it notifies members of upcoming due dates as well. The software allows owners to track the payment activities and take daily insights into incoming payments.

Do you need martial arts management software?

If you are a martial arts studio aiming to scale at a larger pace and manage the staff and members effortlessly, then you need the software. It will help automate your business and achieve your business goals at a fast pace. For free consultation and demo of OnMat, contact us here.

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