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Most Successful Ways For Martial Arts School Management That Save Time

March 6, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Running a martial arts school requires skill, passion, motivation, dedication, and patience to effectively train students. The success and quality of your school depend very much on your ability to focus on your matters – providing quality training that ensures your members are engaged and keep coming back.

The issue, as always, is getting free time to dedicate to our students. As a business owner, you know that free time hardly comes. By arranging schedules, sorting payments, and more and more, you are likely to deal with a mountain of work daily.

Naturally, if you want to focus on providing better service then there is a way to organize your daily tasks. Hence, to organize your tasks effectively, you need a management platform that can help optimize your martial arts studio.

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What Are Most Successful Ways for Martial Arts School Management That Save Time?

Payment Improvement

Let’s be honest, manual payment management does not provide you with the best overview of your finances. Instead of risking a business, why not improve your cash flow efforts altogether?

JIBASoft’s OnMat; the best Martial Arts School Management Software is the right tool to get a clear view of all the payments you generate monthly. With an intuitive interface for a quick view and all your invoices integrated into smart filters, you can be assured that your payments are in good hands – and not getting lost in the shuffle.

With just a touch of automation, you will manage to collect all payments on time, stay on top of upcoming payments, and even offer recurring payment capabilities to some members. You can even have the freedom to sell goods and other offerings in addition to membership to increase your revenue.

In other words, it is the right tool to collect, control and manage all aspects of the financial side of your business.

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Member Management

As a martial art school owner, you must know that martial arts training is not for the faint-hearted. Training is physically demanding, requires discipline and constant motivation.

How can your members, like anyone, forget to collide with a wall, lose motivation, and just reward martial arts. But, instead of just leaving them and losing a member, why push them a little to keep them engaged and push for perseverance.

Martial arts management software ensures the survival of your businesses by emphasizing member retention.  Sending automated notifications, opening communications, and much more, helps you develop relationships with your members outside of training, and creates a stronger and more inviting environment.

You can also engage them through the members’ mobile app where they can sign up for classes, invite friends to join them for a martial arts session, and even visit their studio. You can get updates daily.

It is these small conversations that provide your members with their support and motivation, and ultimately, make your retention efforts work. For all these, JIBASoft’s fits well.

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Reducing Admin Cost

A martial arts studio does not operate without its administrative functions – invoicing, management, onboarding, you name it. These tasks can be quite troublesome, and quite frankly, have the potential to overwhelm you.

Valuable time aside, these tasks require staff, which increases the cost of operation. It is important to find a way to work as efficiently as possible. OnMat; the best Martial arts school software can help more than this.

The platform can streamline all of these tasks, manage records, schedules and provide you time to focus on developing your business.  More than that, it will enable you to reduce admin costs, reducing the risk of human errors, as well as the resources required to deal with administrative tasks manually.


Owning a martial arts school is not all fun and games. But this does not mean that the management side of things should be difficult. From membership management, payments, scheduling, invoicing, and more, there is no end to the ways that martial arts software can make your business work.

Automating your business processes can save time and resources, and give you more time to focus on strengthening your business.

Contact us today to find out how our platform can be tailored to your martial arts studio needs and how you can benefit from it.