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New Feature Alert of OnMat “Pay As You Go”

November 12, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Covid19 took a massive toll on the normal functioning of schools, colleges and Martial Arts Studios because distancing was the prior need. Most of the institutions and studios closed themselves for a while, and some waited for quick recovery.

OnMat New Feature JIBASoft


In between, martial arts studios got lucky and gifted with OnMAt, a Martial Arts Studio Software. This software opened new ways for martial art studios to perform as regular without any limitation as posed by COVID pandemic.

This software came as a boon and reformed the way how a martial arts studio should function amidst pandemic while safekeeping every individual, including, teachers as well as students.

Although, this app has been one of the best and versatile apps in terms of smooth functioning and variety of features, yet the developers keep updating new features to give their users a unique experience.

Recently, the app got its one more brand new feature “Pay As You Go” to ease down the payment hassles and make the work easier for students as well as the management.

What’s new – “Pay As You Go?”

There are many students, including college students, homemakers, or office employees, out there who seldom prefer daily classes. Due to their hectic daily schedules, they prefer classes at their ease and during their free time. Earlier, it would have been cumbersome for martial art studios to cater to such requests.

However, since the release of “Pay As You Go” feature, this task has been taken care of. Now, martial arts studios can sell this new feature as a membership where students can pay when they make access to the portal via remote check-in or onsite. The deemed member will be charged if only he/she checks in the class, by any mode provided.

Upon the check-in and payment completion, the software will generate an automated receipt which will be e-mailed to the e-mail ID provided while registering with OnMat Martial Arts Studio Software.

Opening a new dimension for martial arts studios

Addition of this uniquely designed feature “Pay As You Go” will open a new dimension for smooth functioning and students’ billing management for martial arts studios. This exclusive feature will take care of a huge chunk of work including official registration, billing and maintaining the data of such student who take classes according to their monthly schedule.

Now, the management will get extra time in hand to solve other official issues and plan better promotional ideas for the local market.

A glance to other useful features of OnMat

OnMat is intuitive and real-time management martial arts studio software. It is an excellent example of state-of-art technology and features, including membership management, skill & belt management, and integrated billing.

It has given freedom of managing martial arts studio from any place, anytime. From automated billing, sending email receipts, important notifications to managing check-in and check-out, this app has proven its versatilities.

Some of the well-existing features are –

-Check-in remotely

-Digitized registration

-Expiring membership notification

-Profile management

-Remembering birthdays

-Specific note management

-SMS and e-mail communication

-Timely MIA reminders

-Welcome e-mail

-Product listing and services

-Lockout facility

Above are a few specific and much-revered features of OnMat martial arts studio software by many clients.

So, if you also own a martial arts studio and willing to get a digital solution for better and quick management, try OnMat from JIBASoft. With its new “Pay As You Go” feature, its credibility has manifold.

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