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Online Payment System Is Best For Your Martial Arts Studio

July 30, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Running a martial art school is not an easy task. Your students pay for your services. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will soon be out of money. What if we say that you can turn billing and collection into service while reducing the manual involvement, saving more time, and increasing more efficiency? For this, we recommend your martial arts studio software.

The software brings offline payments into a well-organized online payment process. More and more martial arts studios are using dojo management software to lessen their burden and increase the efficiency of operations within their organizations. Know how the software can help you streamline the business process in a hassle-free manner-

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Easy Payment Mode: When you have online payment gateways to accept payments in your martial arts studio, you feel more relaxed and contented. You are not always worried about accepting payments from your students and pay attention towards various other things. Not only this, the digital agreement gives you freedom from all kind of paperwork. If you buy JIBA Soft’s dojo management software – OnMat, you get to automate your billing and payment functions.

Accurate Payment Management: You might have heard that the inaccuracy or inefficiency in payment management can cost high. Accepting payment manually becomes more chaotic and baffling for you or your staff. Martial arts studio software’s online payment feature takes this burden off, provides great help, and allows you to maintain 100% accuracy in the entire payment process.

24*7 Active Payment Services: With martial arts school management software, you can simply remind your students to pay from anywhere, at any time. That’s how this modern process manages payments. It works as an advanced student payment tool and offers flexible billing options.

Highly Advanced And Secure Payment System: Today, with the rise of cyber hacks, you need to take extra safety measurement. The software ensures a highly secure payment environment for both of the purposes – pay and receive. It’s advanced billing portal can save a huge amount of data secure and re-usable through a cloud-based storage network.

Reminders for Payments: You don’t need to regulate and regularly check on your payment register to remind students about the payments. The software is designed with highly comprehensive features, tools, and technology. This gives you the benefits of automation through the account alert. If any of your students have his payment due, he as well as you would be reminded for the same.


Now, if you are thinking to update or automate the financial operations by purchasing dojo management software, you have made the right choice for your business. We, at JIBASoft, are dedicated to encourage martial arts studios to automate their payment functions through our highly unconventional, expedient, and constructive martial arts school management software. Contact us to know everything about the features of our OnMat software.