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OnMat New Features: The Whole New Way of Teaching and Learning

July 30, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Martial arts school owners all across the country are eager to return to their normal functions associated with their business. They are all set to re-open their schools with a capacity of limited students. When physical distancing has shown significant results to slow down the spread of deadly coronavirus, studio owners will have to follow this important guideline to run their studio.

In the present time of social distancing, it is hard to work with 100% strength of students and maintaining a healthy distance. To cope with the problem, OnMat has come with its incredible features that will help owners to return to full operational activities without impacting the lives of their students and members. It will also allow these owners to follow the necessary precautions suggested by the government. To eradicate any kind of complexities, we have brought you this essential information. If you have a martial arts studio, do not miss reading it.

Martial Arts School Management Software

Advanced Access To Administrative Actions:

You would need to limit the number of students who visit the school. As an admin, our OnMat martial arts school management software gives you the freedom to decide on the number you expect to reach your martial arts school. You can set the maximum number of students who can attend a particular class and schedule it through OnMat Calendar. The admin has the authority to decide whether a class should be based on virtual training or onsite training. The new features of OnMat will help your teachers to encourage a positive culture to add more value to their training program.

Notifies Students For A Given Class:

Once the admin finalizes the strength of students, he will be able to notify those students about reopening and joining classes at a particular time and date through our dojo management software. Admin can select students prioritizing their age and belt level. This can be done approximately an hour before the start of training. Based on the days, the admin can send notifications and invite students to join the class. They will be encouraged for remote learning.

Remote Check-In:

Students who were notified will be able to unlock the new features of OnMat Now on their Android or iOS devices. They can check-in remotely through their devices. The current class and full strength of students (including onsite and virtual availability) will be shown on OnMat being used by the admin. Students who are asked to join virtually will be instructed competently. One of the best things about the new feature is that students with onsite availability will not need to access the iPad at the studio to mark their attendance or check-in. That’s how dojo management software will help.

The blog-post provides you a roadmap for running the business successfully while limiting the transmission of the COVID-19 infections. Our martial arts school management software is the key to operate your martial arts business for success even during the hard times of the outbreak. To know more about OnMat, feel free to contact us anytime.