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OnMat: Streamlined Martial Arts Billing and Payment Collection Software

July 13, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

In this digital era, managing certain administrative aspects of the dojo or martial arts studio are quite complicated. From taking care of student registrations to handling class schedules and payment collections, many tasks need your careful attention. That’s where JIBASoft’s OnMat plays a vital role. This comprehensive martial arts billing and dojo payment collection software helps in streamlining important administrative processes. It even enhances the overall efficiency of your studio.

Easier Billing and Payment Collection:

Being one of the advanced top dojo payment collection software, OnMat revolutionizes the entire payment process. Thanks to online payment options and automated invoicing, the software minimized the requirement for paper-based payments and manual calculations. Hence, you can easily send and generate invoices to studio members and their parents using a few clicks. Using its advanced interface, OnMat keeps better track of payments, payment histories, and outstanding balances. So, it ensures that you get updated and accurate financial records at your fingertips.

Flexible Pricing and Membership Options:

OnMat accommodates the variety of membership options and prices that each martial arts studio offers. You can easily develop and manage a variety of pricing schemes thanks to the program. You may customize pricing based on different membership levels, provide discounts, and set up recurring payments with OnMat. It helps you with monthly memberships, class bundles, or drop-in rates. This degree of adaptability makes sure that your billing system completely complements both your company’s business strategy and your students’ preferences.

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Class Management and Attendance Tracking:

Running a successful martial arts studio requires effective class management, and OnMat is exceptional in this regard. The program offers powerful features for managing class schedules, keeping track of student achievement, and keeping track of attendance. To analyze student performance over time, instructors can easily record attendance for each class, monitor belt progress, and produce thorough reports. With the help of this tool, you may get a complete picture of your students’ development and make data-driven decisions to improve their training.

Robust Reporting and Analytics:

Besides being an advanced dojo payment collection software, OnMat empowers martial arts studio managers and owners with strong analytics and reporting capabilities. This software creates detailed reports on different aspects, such as student attendance, outstanding payments, revenue, and membership trends. Due to these reports, one gets valuable insights into their studio’s financial and overall business performance. With proper report analysis, it’s easier for studio owners to recognize new trends, make well-informed decisions, and figure out areas for improvement. So, you can easily optimize your studio’s overall operations with ease.

Integration and Customization:

OnMat provides connectivity options with well-known payment gateways, accounting programs, and email marketing platforms to enable easy interaction with your existing systems and streamline workflows. As a result, you may streamline the transfer of data between several platforms and centralize your processes. The program also offers customization tools that let you modify the system to fit your own business requirements, branding, and workflows. OnMat will be completely integrated into your current operations thanks to this level of customization, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Features That Make OnMat the Best Choice

Due to its outstanding features, OnMat, the organized martial arts billing software created by JIBASoft, stands out as the top option for martial arts studios and dojos. Let’s look at some of the main characteristics that make OnMat a superior product:

Seamless Integration With Other Systems:

OnMat offers seamless integration with other systems, making it an adaptable and versatile solution. For instance, it can easily integrate with popular email marketing platforms, payment gateways, and accounting software. Hence, it ensures a smooth data flow and streamlined processes. Furthermore, this software provides better customization options to tailor it as per your specific needs of each studio, including workflows, branding, and other needs. All of this offers a better personalized and efficient user experience.

Convenience and User-Friendly Interface:

OnMat puts a high priority on user-friendliness and accessibility, making it useful for both administrators and students/parents. Even individuals with low technical experience can use the software with ease thanks to its straightforward design. While students and parents can quickly view and pay invoices, track attendance, and access crucial information through a user-friendly site, studio managers can effortlessly set up classes, manage student profiles, and handle billing.

Unwavering Customer Support:

JIBASoft takes great pride in offering first-rate customer service. Users of OnMat may count on prompt assistance and direction from a committed customer support team. JIBASoft’s support team is dedicated to making sure all users have a positive experience, whether it is by resolving technical problems, responding to questions, or providing training on how to use the software efficiently.


A complete solution for streamlining the invoicing and money-collecting procedures in martial arts studios is provided by JIBASoft’s OnMat. OnMat gives studio owners and managers the tools they need to effectively manage their finances and make data-driven decisions that will promote development and success, including streamlined billing, multiple pricing options, attendance tracking, and powerful reporting features. Martial arts schools may concentrate more on offering top-notch instruction by utilizing the power of OnMat while putting administrative responsibilities in the capable hands of this cutting-edge software solution.

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