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Opening A Dojo: You Need To Invest In Martial Arts Studio Software

March 21, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Do you want to carry forward the legacy of martial arts and open a studio? Wondering how to put the plan into action?! Opening a martial arts school or studio is a profitable venture if you put it to action in the right direction. Therefore, this blog discusses the essential planning and forethoughts which could help you start and run a successful martial arts studio. But before that, make sure you have purchased Martial Arts Studio SoftwareThe benefit of software and how it will help make your business a profitable one will come in the latter part.

Before that, let’s discuss the advantages of opening a martial arts school and becoming an entrepreneur.

-You get the chance to make a career out of your passion

Isn’t it beautiful to spend making a career out of what you like? Many people don’t get the chance and live a monotonous life. Thus, if you are getting an opportunity to convert your passion into a full-fledged career, take it further. You will definitely enjoy teaching students about martial arts and its skills.

-You are your own boss

If you don’t like to answer anybody else, pursue this venture. Running a martial arts school makes you a boss. You don’t need to report anybody else. Rather, you become the boss to make people work under you.

-You get the opportunity to spread the legacy of martial arts

Martial art is not only a skill but a legacy. Running a dojo means being a front-end chain of spreading its knowledge and legacy. So, open a studio and teach as many students as possible. You will definitely feel proud of the endeavor you have taken into your hands.

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How to chalk out the plan of opening a martial arts school?

Make a plan

A profitable business requires a workable business plan. Well, owning a martial arts school is no exception. You need to have a full-proof plan for investment, leadership, emergency funds, class schedules, membership plans, etc. With a solid business plan, you can attract investors in the future to fund your business if it is a profitable one.

Find a location

Once you have a workable business plan, you need to explore the real estate market of your area to rent a suitable facility in a prime location. A good location is an important factor to help attract students and keep the business running. Further, while renting a facility, make sure that the facility has a good space and is safe for female students.

Arrange for gears

Running a full-fledged martial arts school may have a gym or practice area for which you will need various safety gears and types of equipment. So, make a list of essential equipment and gears. You can also rent them or buy good quality used ones. But make sure you have done a quality check thoroughly.

Invest in automation

A business runs on certain pillars that are essential in the long run. One of such pillars is technology/automation. Instead of hiring so many people to perform multi-level administrational and accounting jobs, you can invest in a comprehensive Martial Arts School Management Software capable of doing various tasks alone. Some of them include tracking attendance, billing & invoicing, tracking belt & skill assessment, scheduling classes, assigning trainers, setting a reminder for upcoming classes, sending notifications for billing cycles, discounting & prorating fees, etc. Therefore, invest in one-stop software for all your needs and help your business scale the moment you start. OnMat by JIBASoft is a comprehensive martial arts school software with unique features and uses.

Advertise or market

The popularity of business depends on marketing and advertising. The word-of-mouth generation is gone, and it is Gen-Next where people search for products and services online to select the best. So, to reach out to your target audience, search for several ways for advertising and marketing. But while planning the marketing campaign or advertising plan, you should ensure that you have gone through essential factors, including the budget, PR, special events, marketing channels, etc.

Opening a martial arts school takes a lot of effort. But all the efforts should be guided in the right direction. One such effort includes purchasing affordable and comprehensive Martial Arts Studio Software. Reach out to JIBASoft for the free demo of OnMat.

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