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Optimize Your Studio with Martial Arts Members Management Software

May 4, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

It is a daunting task to manage and run a martial arts studio by yourself. After all, you have to take care of various aspects, such as class management, scheduling instructors, tracking member activities, and billing management. With the growth of a studio, it becomes more and more difficult to manage all these tasks yourself. This is where you need the help of martial arts members management software. In this article, we will share with you the advantages of using JIBA Soft’s On Mat martial arts management software.

Let’s dive in!

What are Martial Arts Members Management Software?

This particular software helps in managing the operations of martial arts studios, from managing their classes, members, and other business operations. It even helps in automating different features, like scheduling, attendance tracking, communication with members, and bill payments.

If we talk particularly of JIBA Soft’s On Mat software, this cloud-based platform helps in efficiently managing everyday activities at martial arts studios. What makes this particular software stand out from the rest is that it’s easy to customize, user-friendly, and even accessible from any desired location.

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Pros of Martial Arts Management Software

Here are some notable benefits of using martial arts management software:

Convenient Client Management

As you may know, billing software can help you make various administrative tasks more efficient and easier than before. But are you aware that it can even make your client management simpler?

Using the right software, it is easier to manage class enrollment, maintain digital records of every student, track fees and payments, and send automated invoices.

Besides that, it helps in streamlining your business operations while enabling you to focus more on what matters – i.e. teaching martial arts.

Some other beneficial features of this software include:

Automated billing system to send regular invoices

User-friendly dashboard for accessing complete client data in one place

Detailed reports on payment history and attendance records to provide you with updated information

Online enrollment form for collecting relevant information about students for reference

Payment tracking system for monitoring and managing student payments

Streamline Billing and Payments

Being a martial arts studio owner, you may know how time-consuming it is to manage billing and payments manually. But with martial arts software, it is convenient to streamline the entire billing professional while keeping tabs on track payments. You may set automatically generated invoices, as well as manage online billing and payments. Hence, it saves you time while minimizing the risks of errors.

Easy Communication

Communication is vital for successfully running your martial arts studio. Thanks to software like On Mat, it is convenient to interact with the members via text messages and email. This software also helps in sending reminders regarding upcoming promotions, classes, and events. It helps keep members informed and engaged all the time.

Analytics and Reporting

With effective analytics and reporting through JIBA Soft’s martial arts members management software, it is easier to keep tabs on revenue, attendance, and other metrics. It also helps in generating reports for analyzing the latest trends while identifying key areas for improvement.

How to Make the Most Out of Martial Arts Software

Here are the three vital tips to help you make the most of your martial arts software:


Check out the software’s automation features to help you streamline the entire process. Meanwhile, it helps in saving you time while enabling you to concentrate on teaching martial arts rather than managing paperwork. For instance, certain programs with automated payment systems. It enables customers for setting up recurring payments for subscriptions without entering payment details manually.

-Integrate With other Software

If your studio depends on other apps or programs (such as payment processors or attendance tracking systems), consider integrating those with your billing software. With this, one can ensure their data remains connected while eliminating double entry while making things easier for your business.

-Utilize Data Analysis Tools

Certain software packages are available with detailed data analysis tools. It helps you to keep tabs on customer behaviors and trends. Meanwhile, it helps in managing monthly active users, average purchase amount, etc. All these are vital metrics to help you attain success at your martial arts studio.

With the help of these tips, you can make the most of your martial arts software. Meanwhile, you can optimize how your studio operates for maximum profitability and efficiency.


Martial Arts members management software helps enhance the overall experience of your customers. It does so by helping you optimize your studio’s operations. Thanks to advanced features, like billing and payments, class management, communication, member management, analytics and reporting, etc, JIBA Soft’s On Mat is a comprehensive software to let you efficiently manage your martial arts studio.

When software automates several tasks in your martial arts studio, it saves you time and effort while reducing unwanted errors. It even helps you to accurately interact with your clients while offering them top-notch customer service. And, the use of analytics and reporting can help you make better data-driven decisions. All this is essential to optimize the performance of your studio.

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