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Organizing Summer Camp in Your Martial Arts School – Things to Consider

June 29, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

Summer vacations have already started and children are looking to participate in some thrilling activities. Parents often look for opportunities to keep their children busy and engaged during summer months by enrolling them in a martial arts school, summer camp, or some other activities.

61% of martial arts customers are children. This means that hosting a summer camp at your martial arts studio is not at all a mind boggling process, instead a way to generate good revenue. Moreover, martial arts school generate most of their annual business revenue during the months of summer. Our martial arts management software – OnMat – will give you the reports of your earnings at the time of summer camp. It will also remove the hiccup of manual registration of the kids. You will also be able to keep track of the attendance. Here’s how to organiz a summer camp at your school successfully:

Think, Why Parents Should Choose Yours – If your martial arts school has several other competitors, think about why parents should choose yours over others. Don’t make price the differentiator. Instead look for a fun theme that will make the children eager to come. Offer skills and services which can be found nowhere. Think out of the box to make your summer camp stand out amongst the others.

Use Our Management Software For Tasks – Instead of wasting your time in doing the registrations manually or collecting the payment or managing the tasks, use the same time to teach the enrolled children dedicatedly and devotedly. These tasks can be taken care of by our martial arts management software. The software will manage the registration, keep the track record of the payments and other administrative tasks of the studio, thereby letting you enjoy time with the kids.

Use Social Media & Testimonials For Promotion – If in the past years, you’ve organized summer camps, use stories and photos to promote your upcoming event. Create a page on the social media platform such as Facebook. Keep your clients updated on other social media platforms too. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. You can ask your existing members to bring in their friends. This will not only bring in more members but make your kids more excited to attend your classes with their buddies.

Treat Summer Campers Like Members – Likewise, you interact or manage or teach your regular members all throughout the year to maintain engagement, same rules should apply here. Interact and follow up with the kids after each session. Generate report card through the software and email the same to their parents and intimate them about their child’s progress. You should also send out recap emails or handouts including the activities they participated in during the week.

Offer A Flexible Calender – There’s no doubt that summer vacations are sprinkled with many outings, town visitors, and other activities. The more flexible your camp schedule is, the easier it is on part of parents to sign up for their children. Instead of hosting a summer session that is several weeks long, think about offering in different segments, day camps or mini-camps. This would be the best alternative for kids who have jam-packed summer vacation schedules.