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Plan Your Dojo’s Success With Martial Arts Academy Management Software

December 13, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Planning is the key to success. It applies to both business owners as well as commoners. This advice becomes crucial when you are a dojo owner without any plan. You can easily fall off and take time to rebound. Therefore always keep your plan of action ready as a martial arts academy owner. With a foolproof plan, everything falls in place, whether it is student management, trainer management, and other dojo tasks. But as it takes two to clap, you also need a helping hand to ease your burden and streamline the process of the martial arts studio. One such helping hand is OnMat, Martial arts academy Management software.

OnMat helps you with all the chores that require your attention and presence. It helps ease the scheduling and embeds the trainers and their classes according to the calendar. The software comes with an admin portal and a dashboard for users. The dashboard will help students stay updated about their schedules, classes, payments and progress. As a new student joins in, you only need to provide him access to the software and voila. They are all set to get aligned for classes, events and fee notifications.

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The software also allows them to book appointments or classes on demand if they don’t choose to subscribe to regular classes. Overall, booking appointments, reserving classes, assigning trainers, designing class schedules and notifying members about new arrivals and important information, everything has become easy with OnMat.

Benefits of using martial arts academy management software:

-Simplified Check-in Process for Members: Members or guests can easily check in or book appointments for upcoming classes and reserve their seats. The software comes in handy with all devices, including tablets, laptops and desktops.

-Reduced attendance tracking process: With OnMat, you can spare your attention from attendance tracking and invest it in something more productive. The software does all the hard work and reduces the time spent on check-in services or roll calls.

-Reduced class overcrowding: Utilizing classes’ capacity is the biggest task. When things are done manually, overcrowding often happens. But this can be taken care of when the entire system is automated. The online portal helps you to book classes as per the available seats and time slots.

-Empowered social media presence: Your business needs to surface to attract more members, thus businesses. OnMat comes integrated with features to promote your website and services online. You will drive traffic and get more lead conversion with an online presence. Through social media promotion, you can also upsell opportunities and upcoming events.

-Enhanced email marketing and newsletters: OnMat offers you the power of email marketing and newsletters. You can create promotional templates and broadcast about your latest upgrades in services or upcoming Christmas discounts in one click.

-Simplified payment reminders and invoicing: Invoicing and collecting fees have been big hurdles in martial arts academy management. But with OnMat, you have a streamlined invoicing and fee collection process. You can send upcoming fee reminders to members and track their dues. With the software, you never have to bother about fee delays and incurring losses.

-Enriched online payment experience: With OnMat, you get multiple modes of payment, including card, PayPal, skrill, etc. The cash management is taken care of without any discrepancy. Your members can pay their fees from wherever they are without delay.

-Enhanced communication with your members: The credibility of your dojo reaches its peak when there is communication. With OnMat, you can schedule messages and emails for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries of your members. This gesture helps retain the members by making them feel worthy and well-remembered.

So, in a nutshell, investing in OnMat, Martial arts academy Management software, helps your martial arts studio stay accountable. Invest in the software now to avail the premium benefits.

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Every minute counts when you run a business. Investing in OnMat saves time and utilizes it for business expansion and promotion. But before you invest, know about the software and its features. The team JIBASoft offers free demo service for its deemed clients so that they are aware of their choices. Call now or fill out the Contact Us form to get the quote. Visit the official website to learn more about the software and read the FAQs.

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