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Plan Your Studio’s Billing With Martial Arts Billing Software

November 18, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Billing process is one of the most constant and essential parts of owning a martial arts studio. It involves an incredible amount of accounting and tedious paperwork, which must be accurate in every sense. Therefore, the billing processes of martial arts schools should be in order and as accurate as possible. And this can only be achieved if you invest in a credible Martial Arts Billing Software like OnMat by JIBASoft.

The challenges you face as a newly established martial arts school

Your first step as a martial arts studio owner comes with several challenges involved in payment collection and member billing. You have limited payment options to offer your members and face poor cash flow. That is why you are supposed to streamline the whole process with reliable billing software, which can also be outstanding Martial Arts Members Management Software. 

The right software will cut down your efforts and several hours being spent on member billings and payment collection. Also, the software will remind members about the timely payment, and there will be a regular and streamlined cash flow.

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Therefore, look out for the feasible option available in the market and excel in the martial arts industry. And if you need help finding out billing software with credibility, then follow the tips below.

The tips for finding the right Martial Arts Billing Software

Before you actually start screening any software for its features and offerings, you should research well and adhere to compatibility. You must review all options offering customization and other variations. Only compatible software is the key to success in the martial arts industry.

-The Martial Arts Billing Software must provide security

Financial transactions are prone to cybercrime. Therefore, the software integrated with the payment system must have security compliance and protect relatable data. While purchasing the software, you must look for security compliance followed by the developer to keep your data safe.

-Creates reports for monthly billing and cash flow

The Martial Arts Billing Software should come with the facility of producing monthly reports of transactions when needed. The members and owners must have the accessibility to the software for financial reports and cash flow at their fingertips.

-Track expenses and financial transactions

As a martial arts studio owner, billing software that tracks expenses is a boon. You must adhere to this feature while finalizing the software. Along with you must choose the software which calculates taxes, simplify transactions and allow auto-pay for members.

-Helps automatically deposit member payment 

Automated software is a handy solution for automatic deposits through bank accounts. Members can schedule the payments and let the amount be deduced timely through their accounts. They won’t have to bear the transaction fees over credit cards and other payment modes. OnMat comes with the feasibility and allows automatic payment deductions.

-Improves member experience 

The software must come built with the feature of a self-service member portal or dashboards. The dashboards or member portals will allow members to look into their bills and perform secured transactions. The portal must send members auto-notification for the expiry of their credit card details and due dates. If the software you choose has these benefits, it will simplify the burden of members to make timely payments.

-Send automated reminders for dues or upcoming payments

The software must come integrated with auto-reminders for members. The auto-reminders set for members will remind them timely about the upcoming payments and dues. This way, none of your members will forget the payment due date, and they will pay timely.

Why choose OnMat Martial Arts Billing Software by JIBASoft?

OnMat Martial Arts Billing Software comes in handy with a fully integrated billing service that avoids chasing payments, cyber leaks. The software allows payment at members’ convenience with minimal processing. OnMat supports major credit card from the industry and also allow coupon billing. In fact, there are no hidden fees incurred on your monthly earnings.

The billing software by JIBASoft is a well-customized and easier option available for new and old players of the industry. For a quick demo of the software, contact our team.

We will answer all your queries and suffice your studio’s billing needs!!!

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