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Time-saving, Profit Producing Martial Arts Members Management Software

January 19, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

If you are looking for a time saving and profit-producing way to boost your martial arts school membership this year, take a 30-days free trial of JIBASoft’s OnMat today.

JIBASoft’s OnMat is an easy-to-use martial arts members management software that is specially designed to help martial arts school owners to spend less time on members’ management and more time in areas they really enjoy – whether it’s training students or areas of the business to earn profits by working directly.

Grow With JIBASoft’s OnMat Martial Arts Member Management Software

 OnMat makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions. Here are the key features of it:


Scheduling all your martial arts members and resources such as staff, facilities, and activities in a martial art school. The scheduler is fully in sync with the member app, so members can book in classes and make appointments as well as make purchases.


Each martial arts school is different, so we’ve made this software completely customizable based on your business needs and preferences. For membership based on sessions or classes, our membership management software has all the information you need to operate effectively.

Staff Manager

Save time and money in your martial arts school by using the staff module at JIBASoft’s OnMat. Set shifts, define staff roles, and track employee attendance with our location-based clock in / out notifications.

Member Portal

Fully integrate JIBASoft OnMat software with your website. The added benefit of full integration with OnMat software as a seamless user experience is unmatched in the industry. The result is a large proportion of online services by your members and customers.

Leadership Management

Give your sales team the right tools to capture, grow, and convert new members. JIBASoft’s OnMat allows you to plan, grow, and monitor your sales process. Moreover, with JIBASoft’s OnMat, growing its member base has become much more easier.



How OnMat Is Time Saving And Profit Producing Martial Art school Management Software?

Track Attendance and Grow Your Membership

Record everything you need to know to drive business growth and strengthen the school-member relationship with detailed record-keeping tools. Alternative data such as demographics and contact information can be used for cost-effective advertising in future marketing campaigns and ensures that you invest in recruiting long-term, attract customers.


Stay In Touch Via Email And SMS

JIBASoft’s OnMat has sorted you when it comes to email and SMS communication. Send valuable, customized, and consistent marketing materials with minimal hassle. With the JIBASoft OnMat software, you can create and save email and SMS message templates to send to members and prospects. All messages can be sent in bulk to the target audience.

Valuable Insights And Analysis

With in-depth reporting, you can analyze your business and make predictions about future earnings, student attendance, and any loan you owe. If you dream of building your school into a lucrative, thriving business, JIBASoft OnMat insights can help you get there as fast as possible.

Attract Your Entire Customer And Reduce Web Costs With A Branded, Custom Website

Every OnMat membership comes with a powerful and easy-to-use website that helps you market your business easily. It is fully integrated with your account and allows you to customize your website to target your customer.

Hurry up! Avail of this martial arts members management software by filling the form and save your time and boost your profit!