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Ready for Every Battle with OnMat: Martial Art School Owners

September 1, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

We all know businesses have been down and coping due to the adverse impact of the global pandemic. Social distancing is the new norm globally & everyone has to follow it. Many businesses have formulated new strategies to adopt new rules and are making changes in their overall business operations.

Martial Arts Studio Software OnMat

Perseverance and determination overcomes every barrier and hurdles along its path. As a martial arts school owner, we understand that many situations worry you. However, every situation is different on its own. The best advice is to face it with strength & confidence. Your motto should be, ‘Bring it on’ and your confidence level will rise higher than the problem.

Every combat is a win by tactics, hard work & determination. Since every fight is unique, so does the solution. Let us go through the conflict a martial art school owner goes through and the one ultimate membership management solution that they must possess from JIBASoft Inc. soon.
Win with JIBASoft’s OnMat Newest Features!

The biggest battle today is to adapt to the new norm. There were days where you had full strength martial classes & everyone willing to do their best. However, with social distancing, your martial art school’s onsite student number has declined. Its time to begin on a new note with JIBASoft’s martial arts studio software which gives you the wand to operate your martial arts class in a new way.

Introducing OnMat’s Class Attribute Feature:

This powerpack built-in feature gives admin of the martial art studio to classify the class based on many variables. These will layout the time of the classes, instructor, select age group of the student to join, their belt level and on which days of the week the martial art class will be held. The most crucial attribute that can ease the worry is that it allows you to select if the martial art classes offered will be an onsite class a virtual class, or both. And if onsite class, the ability to specify the maximum number of members allowed to attend.
Choose Onsite Class or Virtual Class for Students as per the Requirement!

With ‘OnMat’ in hand, admins can choose to set up a virtual class for those who are unable to join the onsite class during this time of social distancing. Onsite classes can do well while focusing on the safety of the students by managing the maximum number of students allowed in the class. Moreover, if the martial art class is onsite and a virtual class, it can be sorted in a single view to know who is onsite Vs Virtual with simple color coding. It will eventually build trust and a good relationship with the students & the management. In this way, the teacher can maintain a mix of onsite and virtual learning for students while following the new norm guidelines.

Remote Check-In Feature (Virtual Check-In & Onsite Check-In)

Martial Arts Studio Management Software is the best tool in this area and gives students unique options for Remote Check-In using their mobile phone app ‘OnMat Now’. The students can check themselves in as per the class they have joined whether it is Onsite Check-In or Virtual Check-In. This excellent feature saves you from getting churned out with confusion and which might ultimately impact parents/students’ learning and frustration.

Onsite and Virtual Feature OnMat

Onsite and Virtual Feature OnMat

The dojo management software has many notable features that help you win other significant battles of membership management, billing management, belt management & the list goes on and on. Once you grab this tool from JIBAsoft Inc., for your martial arts school, managing every task will be simpler and efficient just with the touch of a button.

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