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Reasons to Use Automated Martial Arts Billing Software

November 30, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Poor cash flow management is the number one cause of any school’s failure. This happens even in today’s times. After the pandemic, the importance of managing money is significant than ever before. Therefore, to manage cash flow properly, you need automated martial arts billing software.

Wondering why an automated billing system is important? Here are some well-known benefits of automated billing that you need to keep in mind:

1. No Need to Chase Down Payments Every Month

Late payments are a major cause of crippling cash flow. And being a busy martial arts school owner, it’s an afterthought to send out invoices for getting your payment. We understand that even students and parents can forget to pay fees due to their busy schedules.

But with automated software, schools can automatically send out invoices at certain times and dates. So, the members who are falling behind their payment schedule to get notified via an automated text message or email.

2. Martial Arts Billing Software Saves Time

Dealing with late-paying members can consume your precious time. But with the help of automated martial arts billing system, you don’t have to manually track the payment status of students. JIBASoft software reports all the students’ payment statuses instantly. It even provides the daily transaction summary to let you know their payment record or history of transactions. It means that using this billing system, you can spend your time doing what you adore the most – i.e. teaching students and growing the clientele.

3. Martial Arts Billing Software Is Easy For You & Your Students

An integrated billing software must be simpler to use for you and your students. Since everyone is preferring the digital option, software must be convenient for all. Dojo tuition collection software is one simpler way to streamline your payment process. This means that you can get cash into your business account as soon as possible. Therefore, it improves the cash flow and also frees your time for students.

This helps you automate the process of tuition payments for students and guests too. JIBASoft
martial arts billing software
enables retail purchases. It even selects inventory items easily from the studio and adds to the invoice with the proper total bill. Students may even pay the event fee via their email. Hence, it’s an easy solution for management and students.

4. Martial Arts Billing System Improves Accuracy

The manual procedures are often inaccurate and may even lead to a missed payment. But with martial arts integrated billing software, mistakes eliminate virtually. It helps business owners and martial arts schools to avoid any disputes that may cause delays to the receipt of money.

5. Saves on Your Credit Card Processing Fees

All thanks to martial arts billing software, schools can establish an account with a preferred merchant provider. This offers the benefits of ease of use and low processing fees. Due to this software, there is also a better return on investment. Therefore, you need to consider this billing software for your school as soon as possible.

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If you are still invoicing manually in this digital era, your business is lacking many advanced benefits. So, you got to streamline your invoice and payment procedures with martial arts billing software. It will help you eliminate the billing and payment collection woes.

Moreover, your invoices will be on-time and accurate. So, your members and students will feel satisfied. Plus, you will get your payment faster without unwanted hassles. Therefore, your cash flow will also increase. This is how you can have more time to spend with your students, building relationships, teaching, and growing the number of students.

JIBASoft ensures you get successful with its software platform that’s intended to help you reach your revenue goals. We offer the latest and advanced software system to take care of your every need – from management and promotions to billing. So, contact us today to know more and install the software now.

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