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Run a Successful Martial Arts School with Martial Arts Billing Software

December 4, 2017 • JIBASoft INC

Money is not why you are in business; it is the result of running the business in a unique manner even when you are surrounded by competitors. Along with being truly committed to your students, you also have to keep a hard look at your finances. This can easily be done with a feature-rich martial arts billing software, as it becomes easy to collect money and keep track of all payments and billing.

JIBASoft martial arts software – OnMat – is the most practical software available in the martial arts industry because it’s web-based, mobile-based and feature-rich. You can access it anywhere with Internet access: at your school, at home, and even on vacation! The integrated payment processing solution can be used by business to integrate accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and other business applications with payment processing. The exclusive features of martial arts billing software have been enlisted below:

AUTO-RENEWAL – This removes the hassle of renewing the membership of the clients who take membership on a monthly basis. The Pay in Full Auto Renew feature makes it easy to set up a month-to-month membership
INSTALLMENT PLANS – With the help of this feature, martial arts school owners can set up term memberships with installment payments whether they are weekly, monthly, quarterly or single payment.
AUTO PAY – There are students whose parents pay the fee via their credit or debit card. Your tension can be relieved when auto pay is set up as on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The installments will get deducted from their card automatically.
EDIT PAYMENT ITEMS – The software enables you to edit the payment options to Split Payment. It also allows you to receive partial payment or cancel a payment item. Flexibility can be done as per the needs and demands of the clients.
FAILED PAYMENTS – The software will instantly send you a notification regarding any payment that might have failed. It also provides the ability for your member to correct the problem and resubmit themselves.
LATE PAYMENTS – Members, as well as you (owner), will receive the notification message when payments are late with a series of customizable emails and easy link to make payment online. The members will also receive payment notification before the due date.
EXPORT FINANCIALS / AR SNAPSHOT – On the basis of a specified date range, you can export sales, payments and customer balances to CSV file. You can also take a quick snapshot of income for a given month along with how much is outstanding and the late payments from the students.
SETTLEMENT REPORT – With integrated billing in the OnMat martial arts studio management software in association with 360 Payment Solutions, our billing partner, you can get a settlement report for all ACH and credit card transactions.
By using our integrated martial arts billing software – OnMat, you can save time and money, reduce errors on part of payments and get a better, more accurate view of your business progress and cash flow.