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Scale Your Martial Arts Business With Martial Arts Studio Software This Summer

July 18, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Business is a big responsibility that demands your time 24/7. You don’t get to plan any holiday or vacation, not even in summer when your kids are home and have school vacation. But what if you are told that you can enjoy summertime with your kids and loved ones without hampering your business goals?! Well, it is possible. You need to direct the effort in the right direction, and you will have a great time with your kids/loved ones and students.  

What will you have to do? Organize a martial arts summer camp and let your kids and family join too. The martial arts summer camp will be a change in your daily routine, offering your students 360-degree engagement and more fun. Use your Martial Arts Studio Software to broadcast the summer camp to your students and newsletter and email campaigns to the target audience and motivate them to join martial arts summer camp with their kids. For this summer camp, you can create a new registration portal for walking and cut short the manual hustle. If you have still not invested in the software, it’s time for you to invest. One of the credible martial arts school software is OnMat powdered by JIBASoft. You get complete features of management, payment, administration, skill assessment, belt tracking, email marketing, and online promotion.

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Planning the Martial Arts Summer Camp and promotion with Martial Arts Studio Software

Once you have decided to organize a Martial Arts Summer Camp, here are a few things you need a few things to take into consideration. So, let’s get started.

-Planning your student goals

Although you are organizing the martial arts summer camp, your goal should be member retention at all costs. With this summer camp, you will attract many such students who may convert into full-time leads and join your martial arts studio to go higher in skills. Therefore, you should always aim for student retention and lead generation. Once your goals are initialized, it will be easy to put through the efforts in the right direction.

-Target on getting more leads

You are organizing a martial arts summer camp and need participants. This indicates that you need to work harder to lead generations so new students can join the program and enjoy their summers learning martial arts. But lead generation may seem a difficult task to you if you don’t have the Martial Arts Studio software, which automates the lead generation process and take control of all the participants who once showed interest in participating or were once an integral part of your martial arts studios. Through the lead generation feature of OnMat by JIBASoft, you can even target students you could retain due to their inefficiency of time and schedules. The martial arts summer camp will be a quick and feasible option to learn and train them in this sport.

-Device ways to keep students engaged throughout

Communication is the key, and it should be mended well between the teacher and students. So, for the upcoming Martial Arts Summer Camp, you should ensure you have a great message for the students joining the summer camp. Create different activities and keep handy all online resources to distribute to students so that they don’t feel out of a task or free. You must have a list of tasks to make them feel occupied and involved.

-Add special occasions for parents to reel-in

Keeping students engaged will be the ideal task throughout summer camp, but you can also get a due advantage of the camp by reel-in the parents and bringing them close to their kids and performances. You can organize group activities for kids and parents and gauge them to activities. Parents will add in the fun and learning of kids while watching them perform and excel throughout the session.

-Delegate and schedule the entire event 

When you have the schedule ready, and the dates decided, you cannot be inactive or take time off. You will have to prepare a backup to get things into coordination. You can delegate to the staff member and demand them to be proactive about the registrations and billing. Although all work will be automated with the help of Martial Arts School Managementsupervision will be required at all costs. You can also delegate your staff to take care of the social media postings for the upcoming martial arts summer camps so that more and more people connect and join the camp.

How will the Martial Arts Studio Software help?

The Martial Arts School Management Software will help in multiple ways, such as:

-Allow forecasting tool

-Automate the email communication and promotions

-Run online campaigns

-Track all the active and inactive members online

-Skill management

-Belt tracking

-Online billing and invoicing

-Event booking and registration

Get a complete hold of your martial arts studio activities through one software. Invest in OnMat by the JIBASoft. Contact us for a free demo session.

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