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Secret Weapon of Successful Martial Arts Studios

August 14, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Success never happens overnight & business owners are aware of it. Many owners have been able to translate success for their business in a short period through effective strategies and efficient tools. There could be so many tools of the trade they have tried and tested yet, only a few could have brought success & and a lot may have gone in vain. As the competitive world is getting more complicated with technological advancements, it is getting difficult to stay on top of the business.

martial arts studio software

One could say branding is the secret weapon for success for most of the businesses. The consistent effort to market your services to a target audience in different ways can be fruitful in the longer run.

Key areas that successful martial arts owners focus their attention!

We might not be able to get the exact secret or secrets of the profitable martial arts studios straight from the owner’s mouth. Many successful martial art studios across the globe use one of these below-given tactics to remain on top:

Robust Social Media Marketing Plan

Word of mouth is still the best plan that seeks out far better results. As the digital landscape is changing, businesses have made a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to gain customers. Some rely on lead generation and some for building brand loyalty for their business. Martial arts business is no different from other occupations. It effectively incorporates social media in its plan to achieve success. Every large to mid-sized successful business engages in customers queries and provide resolution to their complaints through these channels.

Emphasis on Strengthening Students Skills

Students are the pillars of success for any martial arts school. A competent martial arts student is the one who trained well. Individual attention is given to every student by their coach thus, by far creates value and trust.

Relay Attention to Students Engagement

Every successful martial art school plan activity that focuses on student engagement. These are made possible through organizing activities such as camping, picnic, or outdoor classes. This result in developing a deep relationship with the students and the trainers which facilitates clear communication. Students can open up with their coach and solve problems which sometimes, students hesitate to share.

The list goes on and on. Now, you’ll probably say,

How can they have so much time on their hands?

Yes, we know about a secret weapon that has proved to be the top-notch tool of the trade. Automation is the word & martial arts studio management software is the ultimate answer to it. A secret weapon for success with an easy to use interface, JibaSoft’s, OnMat software helps you focus your time on paramount matters of interest that maps the way for success.

These are just a few of the features of Martial arts studio software. Nonetheless, it offers more than we could say to you.

The list of features of Martial Arts Studio Management Software:

  1. Easy to focus on Registrations and Student Management.
  2. Student Belt management is a lot simpler with OnMat.
  3. Update product announcements, special offers and students updates on Social Media Channels.
  4. With an integrated billing system, set up billing options of auto-pay, auto-renew and others.
  5. Email Reminders for Bill payment, membership renewal, referral code is possible with OnMat.
  6. The measure of progress of each student feasible with martial arts studio management software.
  7. With MIA feature (Missing in Action), OnMat gives you the power to check up on students who frequently miss out classes and send reminders easily.


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