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Streamline Your Studio with Martial Arts Automated Billing Software: JIBASoft’s OnMat

August 18, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

With the growth and development of the martial arts industry, studio instructors and owners face several challenges in efficiently handling their businesses. From student management to class scheduling, all these tasks become time-consuming and overwhelming. So, there is little room left for studio owners and instructors to focus on what matters the most – offering high-quality training to their students. Thanks to technological advancements, some easy solutions are alleviating these burdens. One such revolutionizing technology is JIBASoft’s OnMat, an automated martial arts automated billing software.

A New Era of Efficiency: Introducing OnMat

Advanced billing software, OnMat from JIBASoft, enables owners of martial arts studios to minimize administrative work and expand the scope of their businesses. OnMat promises to transform the way martial arts studios handle their billing, attendance, and student information with its user-friendly design and robust features.

Here are different ways in how OnMat martial arts automated billing software helps martial arts studio owners ease their everyday tasks:

-Simplified Billing and Payments

Billing and payment administration can be a challenging task, particularly in a martial arts school with a sizable student body and a range of pricing schedules. OnMat martial arts’ automated billing software makes this task easier. It enables studio owners to easily generate invoices, manage recurring payments, and build unique billing plans. The program also enables online payments, making it simple for parents and students to pay tuition online.

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-Convenient Class Scheduling

Manually arranging classes might result in confusion among students and a chaotic situation where classes overlap. With the help of OnMat’s automated scheduling technology, lessons are consistently scheduled. This prevents any scheduling conflicts. Limits on class size can also be set by instructors to prevent overcrowding. This tool makes things easier and more pleasurable for both teachers and students.

-Attendance Tracking and Reporting

Manually recording attendance can be time-consuming and error-prone. By providing a computerized system for recording attendance, OnMat streamlines this procedure. Students can sign in with RFID cards or other forms of identification, giving the studio owners precise and up-to-date information. The automatic generation of attendance records aids instructors in monitoring the regularity and progress of their students.

-Effortless Student Management

Besides billing, class schedules, and attendance tracking, OnMat martial arts studio billing software also helps in effortless student management. This feature enables instructors to securely arrange and store student details. From belt progression to contact information and attendance history, all the vital data is readily accessible in one place, saving effort and time.

-Constant Communication

A successful martial arts school depends on effective communication between the teachers, students, and parents. OnMat’s integrated messaging system makes communication effortless. With just a few clicks, teachers may easily send updates, announcements, and reminders to the whole class or specific students.

-Insights and Analytics

In a highly competitive world of martial arts studios, it’s crucial to stay ahead to make well-informed decisions. This is where OnMat martial arts automated billing software’s insights and analytics feature comes in handy. The feature offers studio owners a strong toolset for understanding the potential of collected data. With comprehensive analytics and insights, OnMat helps owners to understand their studio’s performance while gaining valuable insights. Thanks to analytics, studio owners get a real-time and clear view of their studio’s financial health. The owners can even track revenue trends, identify any outstanding payments, and monitor payment patterns. Thanks to the data-driven approach, owners can make well-informed decisions regarding pricing strategies, revenue optimization, and discounts.

-Security and Data Privacy

Any software solution must prioritize protecting the security and privacy of sensitive data, and JIBASoft takes this duty seriously. Advanced security features are included in OnMat to safeguard both the studio owners’ and their students’ data from unwanted access and potential breaches. To guarantee that all information communicated within the system is secure and secret, OnMat employs strong data encryption techniques. Sensitive data cannot be intercepted or accessed by any unauthorized parties thanks to this encryption.

-Exceptional Customer Support

Although implementing new software might be challenging, JIBASoft goes above and beyond to make the process easy and stress-free for its clients. Studio owners can count on timely assistance and knowledgeable direction from a committed customer support team as they use OnMat. JIBASoft’s customer support team offers studios individualized onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition to OnMat. They provide thorough training sessions to make sure studio owners and their staff are at ease utilizing the features of the software.


JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts automated billing software provides an easy billing solution to change how martial arts studios manage their operations. With the software’s features, instructors and studio owners can focus more on offering exceptional martial arts training.

Embrace the future of martial arts studio management with OnMat while taking your studio to another level of success. After all, this software enables you to simplify your administrative tasks, gain valuable insights, and enhance communication with this innovative billing software. Empower your martial arts studio to thrive with OnMat today! Visit the website today and make the most of this advanced software.

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