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Successful Business Plan with the help of Martial Arts Studio Software

August 3, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Achieving discipline is not a difficult task. With dedication and practice, you can align your actions with your vision and can achieve it.

But why would you preach discipline when you are concerned about doing business at first?

Throughout the process of opening a martial arts studio and running it successfully with the help of Martial Arts Software, you will need to align your vision and efforts to achieve the goal. It means – you need to have a disciplined plan of action to start a martial arts studio that will itself teach arts of practicing discipline. So, once you are sure that you have that disciplined state of mind, you can further go ahead and learn about writing a master plan for your martial arts dojo.

Have an overview of the martial arts business 

There is no going back while realizing your dream of starting a successful martial arts studio. Initially, it will require planning, researching, strategy making, and finalizing a Dojo Management Software for smooth functioning of your dojo’s administrative tasks.

This initial stage requires introspection whether do you need to start this business or not. And if the contemplation leads you to the finding that this business is your call of the moment, then stand determined and plan ahead.

Decide on multiple martial arts to be taught in your studio

You can teach one or more than one martial arts discipline in your martial arts studio. You can teach Karate, Aikido, and Judo depending that you have enough time and energy to match up with the enthusiasm of teaching multiple martial arts niches while also coping up with various administrative tasks thrown at you at the same time.

Well, you can superficially transfer your clerical tasks and administrative responsibilities to a credible Martial Arts Studio Software like OnMat by JIBASoft. It will take over all the burden of member registration, online class scheduling, attendance tracking, billing, etc., without any hassle. You will have enough time left to dedicate it to the success of the dojo.

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Analyze the industry you are planning to set in 

You don’t put any business without analyzing the current paradigm of the market. The same principle applies to martial arts studios as well. You need to research the market and understand its current wave.

You also need to analyze the local market and its demand for one more martial arts studio. Depending upon the research, you can write an outline of your business plan. This will include the number of martial arts courses you will teach in your studio, your USPs, and ways to adapt to the current wave of industry.

Decide over your target audience

You have services that cater to a different set of audiences from the industry. Now, you need to approach that set of audiences so that you sell well and meet the required profit. But, you cannot do so until you have an idea of your target audience.

Thus this step indulges in defining your target audience. Martial arts can be taught to a person of any age. You should plan your courses accordingly and promote them likewise.

In this step, you need to plan things out from scratch and do a profiling of your audience. You can take some factors into consideration like Age, Income, Gender, and Level of exposure in martial arts.

With these details in hand, you can also plan the categories in your Martial Arts School Management Software for smooth functioning like billing, discounts, etc.

Forecast the coming years and need of Martial Arts Studio Software

In business, future gains must be predicted way before immediate gains. Once you have successfully predicted future gains, there is no stopping further. The prediction must include ifs & buts of the changes that will happen in the future. It could be a rise in competition, inflation, growth in demand, dip in the market, changes in technology, etc.

These days, martial arts studios need a combat plan for unknown pandemic situations too. Like COVID 19 has been causing a lot of losses, some other pandemics in the near future could do the same.

So, your business should have a backup plan ready for such unforeseen circumstances as well. You need to carry a scope for automation with Martial Arts Studio Software to teach and manage things online without the need for physical involvement as this pandemic has taught us by making us practice social distancing.

Know your current financial situation in and out 

You know that starting a business takes money and time. The time you can easily provide. But money is something that you need to arrange. If you are a sole investor, knowing your finances in and out remains your first need of the hour.

Without that, you should move an inch. You should have a clear idea of how much you can invest irrespective of the two amounts saved for personal care and the future needs of the business.

If you are taking a loan for your business, make sure you have a backup plan for fulfilling it in advance.

Having prepared financially for unseen situations will help you stand tall even if your business outcome is slow in the first few months of start.

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Make a clear outline of your expenses and other operations 

Starting a martial arts dojo involves various operations, which you should consider from the start only. For example, having a Martial Arts Student Management cum billing software is the need of the hour, and every studio must consider it for their gains. But some dojos outlook the demand and think of venturing it when they have enough money collected from their profits.

Well, if you take experts’ words, this will never happen. Your profits will find ways to get directed in personal tasks or paying salaries to administrators. You will have nothing left but an amount that you will also need for your personal growth.

But if you do the reverse like ditch manpower and buy one-time software for your studio management, you will save enough money to direct it in person as well as business development cause. Also, you will not have to involve yourselves in supervising the human staff because the software does not need supervision.

Some of the important operations to include in the business outline are;

Cost of dojo

Cost of making a contract


Buying equipment and accessories for dojo

Safety and OHS

Acquiring license and council permits

Advertising and promotion costs

Cost for making your studio COIVD-safe

Buying Martial Arts Studio Software

The final call

You can a trainer can work wonders if you have a clear idea of how a business works. With that, you will need a Martial Arts Studio Softwarewhich will save your time and allow you to input that same time into the promotion and expansion of your martial arts studio. So, contact JIBASoft for the product demo and choose the best martial arts billing and student management software. We will be there for all your needs!!