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Take Advantage of Martial Arts Billing Software – Read These 6Tips!

October 27, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Many martial art schools have trouble managing administrative tasks and activities when students sign up for this class galore. To avoid this kind of mix-up and any mishaps related to the student and teacher’s data, you should start depending on the renowned martial arts billing software.

Martial arts billing software


The tips for using such software and making the most of it are given below for every martial arts school owner:

1. Get your regular billing done automatically

The billing process using the latest or modern billing software for the martial arts gets your regular billing activities done faster. That means your ordinary and everyday payment collections, bill payables, or receivables get processed more quickly than manual entry.

In the long run, it saves quite some time for the managers to tally the balance sheets later on.

2. Create simple memberships on the software

Tracking each membership status on the martial arts billing software is much easier. You can simply input the details of the admissible student or the teacher assigned. Each candidate’s data entry will reflect their payment status automatically once in a while as an alert.

Otherwise, you can browse their profiles to know how many people have still not paid even a single fee for the martial arts classes.

3. Build your campaigns using the martial arts billing software

One of the smart uses of this software is to invite people to your classes. This can be done when you start building an email list and content through this software. Then, you can also automate or schedule the content to be emailed to your curated email list.

This way, you can influence your past, existing, or potential students to enroll in new martial arts classes or sessions at discounted rates. This is one way to spread word of mouth about your latest martial arts workshops and classes at the school affordably.

4.  Check the progress of your martial arts classes using the dashboard

Most reputed and advanced martial arts billing software would have the system of the automated dashboard. From this feature, you can see how many students have completed their initial martial arts classes.

Then, you can also see how many students can enroll in martial arts classes at your school or institution weekly, monthly, or yearly. There’s a lot of data or information you can grab in brief from such a dashboard.

In short, every data that you input in the software can make its own story and report on the dashboard. This is one of the most authentic and appealing ways to know the profitability and engagement of the classes.

5. Track student’s attendance on the software

The martial arts billing software is rather a modern tool used to check whether students are serious about the classes held at your institution. You can regularly check how many students are joining martial arts classes daily.

This will tell you the actual retention rate of your courses. You can also decipher whether there is a window of improvement from the teacher’s end or not. An increase in absenteeism from most students means they are not interested in the martial arts format taught at your school.

However, if the students are enjoying the classes, they would love to attend it each day. The same is what you check on the software.

6. Settle all the transactions and payments on the software

Use the martial arts billing software to settle all the payments and clear the bills. From this feature, your regular account can be tallied. There will be no suspense in the account left when you know that all payments are cleared, and the invoices are printed or sent online to the payee.


Martial arts billing software by JIBASOFT is one of the best in the market. You can use all the features mentioned in the article through the software from JIBASOFT. We have studied the martial arts clearly before designing this software for every institution teaching martial arts and finding it challenging to manage the billing and administrative tasks daily. Easily contact our executives today or whenever you like to know more about the uses, advantages, and operations of this software.

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