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Things to consider before buying martial arts school management software

May 31, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Have you started a martial arts school lately? But not sure how to manage various tasks related to management, attendance tracking, billing, and more? If so, you need to consider choosing the best martial arts school management software that makes the management and other processes automatically smooth.

However, you need to keep the following things in mind when choosing the right martial arts software for your school.

Decide what you want to teach to the members

Before choosing the right martial arts management software you first need to pick one or various disciplines you want to teach in your school. Some common options are Karate, Judo, and Aikido. You may make this decision as per our energy level and experience in various niches.

Once you have decided on the disciplines, you can pick the right Dojo martial arts school management software. Such automatic software can help you take the stress away from online registration, class schedules, attendance tracking, billing, and more. After that, you’ll have enough time left with you to focus on planning various ways for making the martial arts studio successful.

All martial arts school management software programs are not the same

There are various software management choices to consider from software formed by a student to an app created by professionals. Like a seed determines the way a plant grows, the program source determines how a program develops. Therefore, it is best to choose a professional martial arts school management software for the successful running and management of your school.

Size does matter when choosing a martial arts school management software

While you are now sure how many programmers are developing software these days, you need to judge a company as per their turnaround time and availability. Usually, a company that’s large enough to support your requirements on a day-to-day basis is the best to choose for software. After all, they are most likely to have a responsible and professional team to tackle all the issues that may arise while running software.

Consider your expenses and operations

When choosing martial art school software, you need to consider the one that can easily handle your expenses and operations. With the right martial arts management software, it’s easier to take care of these tasks.

Hence, you have to outline some things, like safety, timetable, and expense of contract, permits, licenses, etc. Furthermore, you even have to consider the cost of promotion and purchase of martial arts software.

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Choose martial arts school management software that saves time

Tackling late-paying members may waste your valuable time. However, with the use of automated martial arts software with a billing system, you don’t have to track the payment status manually for each student. For instance, JIBASoft software sends instant payment statuses to students. It even sends them reminders if their payment is due. Hence, it’s easier for you and the students to keep track of the payment statuses and transaction history. While the software tackles the billing system, you can spend your precious time focusing on other important tasks, like growing clientele and teaching students.

Choose martial arts school management software that helps with promotion

Choosing the right martial art software that helps with social media promotions. It helps in automating the post schedules, hence it becomes easier for reaching the target audience. The right software even helps in better lead generation with the automated handling of social media.

For instance, JIBASoft’s OnMat software features advanced tools for social media management. Therefore, your strategies for promotion may get improved. It is also a great way for interacting with students and attracting more potential clients to involve in martial arts. That’s how martial arts schools can get better ROI with the right promotions.


When you want to choose the right martial arts school software, you need to consider the given points thoroughly. With the use of advanced software, you can easily tackle the processes of your schools while saving your time for teaching and growing more clients.

Are you looking for automated martial arts studio software for your school? If so, have a look at the JIBASoft martial art software with advanced features for promotion, attendance tracking, billing, management, and more. Contact us today to get our advanced software installed right away.

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