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Things to know about Martial Arts Billing Software for your Dojo

March 13, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

If you’re looking for successful Martial Arts Billing Software, you must conduct thorough industry research. If you operate a martial arts program, you should look for software that can automatically process debit cards, savings, credit cards, and checking accounts monthly or even weekly. This is particularly crucial if many of your customers use these payment options. You might require a program that can generate monthly statements or coupon booklets. However, most of the martial arts business software solutions presently available on the market are made to handle these tasks automatically, sparing you and your staff from manually calculating the costs for every student.

If your Martial art school has more than 40 students, you and your employees will need either tuition management software or a reputable billing system. Using dojo payment collection software will help you and your employees focus on teaching rather than gathering tuition payments. The software is one of the best in the industry and also automates most of your operational tasks and makes operating your martial art studio easier.

The Martial Arts Billing Software, OnMat, powered by JIBASoft, is a powerful software that can be customized as per the requirement of the schools. Employing this software allows the authorities to operate their school at various locations and include many programs and styles of martial arts.

Let’s know how OnMat Martial Arts Management Software can help you in running your Martial art school efficiently:

Lead Nurturing:

Lead-Generating and Marketing Automation are two features of the OnMat martial arts school software that make it easy to sign up new students. Affiliated colleges receive hundreds of leads from potential new students, who are followed up with marketing automation through emails, texts, and videos until they make an appointment. OnMat’s automated retention system can send a weekly message to your pupils to encourage them and keep them enthusiastic about their training. The system can deliver these messages once students have registered.

Additionally, OnMat provides you access to carefully crafted advertisements and promotions for Social Media. Prospective students can be texted, which may encourage more of them to arrive at their scheduled appointments. Additionally, you can text students and parents about upcoming activities to encourage attendance.

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Fee payment Reminders:

The hardest parts of running a martial arts school are typically billing students and collecting membership fees. On the other hand, the process of billing and collecting payments is streamlined when you use OnMat. You can keep track of your members’ dues and remind them about impending charges. Thanks to the software, you won’t ever need to worry about late fees or financial harm.


OnMat software is quite mobile-friendly, which makes it easier for you and your staff to use in martial arts institutions. Because it is hosted in the cloud, you can use it on any device, including your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, and access it anywhere with Internet access. This applies to your home, your location of study, as well as while you are traveling.

Remote-Check In:

Members and guests can check in or make appointments to reserve seats in a future class. The software can be installed on desktops, laptops, and tablets to help all of them.


Any martial art is compatible with OnMat, regardless of its rank. It is even possible for several martial arts styles to be in use at once, each using a distinct ranking scheme. Based on the name of the style, the name of the rank (belts, sashes, or anything else), and the rank that the student presently holds, OnMat will let you know when a student qualifies for the subsequent rank advancement. Additionally, you can take attendance in one of six locations with the OnMat program for martial arts schools, including on the mat, on the bus during an after-school pick-up, in the students’ homes, or even by having them do it themselves.

Automate Billing:

In addition to the monthly payment setup that is usually used, Dojo administration software can help you organize other payment setups, such as bi-weekly, weekly, or bi-monthly payments for billing. You can start or stop the member’s billing procedure by simply clicking a button. After that, you need to set up automated notifications for payments that have failed or are about to be due. This streamlines the procedure for collecting payments.

Additionally, it keeps the members’ authorization papers online as documents. Future client disputes or chargebacks, which could happen at any time, can be settled with its assistance.

Take your free demo today:

OnMat offers a free demo for their potential clients to have a look at all of their services under a window and have the real experience of using the software. In your demo session, you have the software experts with you from JIBASoft. You can ask questions and clear all doubts related to how software works and its customization options.

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