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Things Your Martial Arts Management Software Must Have

October 4, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

To help you grow your dojo business, you need the best martial arts management software. It is because it not only automates various repetitive administrative tasks but also helps you with online marketing. But often people are not sure what all features should a martial arts software include.

Here are some vital features when choosing martial arts management software for your business.


The best martial arts school management software can enable teachers and students to schedule classes automatically. So, everyone is on the same page as per their priorities and availability. It also lets them track their attendance and access other class information whenever they desire. So, there is no need to make phone calls every now or then.

With JIBASoft martial arts management software, students and instructors can easily monitor their activities on smartphones, computers, or tablets. It is a completely responsive and user-friendly software for the community and customers to easily register, as well as pay for the classes anytime and from anywhere.


This is another vital feature that eliminates the requirement for extra billing or accounting software. It enables you to bill students straight from the same platform. It helps you to save your, as well as students’ time. So, you won’t have to ask for the information again for adding it to a different system.

JIBASoft’s amazing accounting services make financial tracking easier. Real-time reporting also helps you to have an upgraded view of all the business operations.


With martial arts management software, it is easier to register students for classes. It is even convenient for them while allowing them to sign up from wherever they want and at any desired time.

Several students and their parents are often constrained with time. It is because they all are busy balancing school, work, and family time. So, fitting into other activities may be challenging for them.

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Therefore, choose martial arts software that makes it easy for all to register online while saving their time.


Finding a platform with the ability to highlight a student’s rankings is highly useful in this practice, even if you would not think of this feature. This feature can assist you to identify a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and current situation. As a result, you can interact with your students more effectively.

The straightforward, programmable rank management solution from JIBA Soft adapts to your changing curriculum and automates belt testing. This allows you to promote students all at once or based on their exam attendance.


It’s crucial to keep in touch with your students and personalize your offerings to meet their preferences and requirements. It is vital to have software that enables you to provide each of your students with a personalized learning experience. Your relationship with your students will be strengthened by this type of automation. It is because it allows you to speak to them on a personal level. And, no more sending your students’ group texts.

Using email automation and chatbots are other great ideas to give you better results with nurturing. However, you need to check out what software features are offered and whether those features will benefit you.

Point-of-Sales Features in Martial Arts Management Software


Cutting the hype of software for managing martial arts schools is not an option today. There are several aspects that you need not have thought about when looking for software. Hopefully, this guide will give you ideas about the right features to look for in martial arts management software.

If you are stuck because your existing software is not working well for you, don’t worry. You can still upgrade it to better software, like JIBA Soft’s OnMat martial arts software. It is professional software for the owners of martial arts schools. Its major purpose is to help you run a successful martial arts school. If you need this advanced software for your school, get in touch with us today.

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