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Tips For Selecting The Best Software For Martial Arts School

June 15, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

You should teach the martial arts like the way it was in ancient times, but you should not handle the administration like in the old days. The old admin strategies will make you get stuck in the time and make your martial arts school lag from the rest of your competitors.

But! Is there any way out?

Luckily you have got OnMat from JIBASoft. It is a most renowned Martial Arts School Management Software that cut slack off the time-consuming routine that you have to practice daily non-stop.

This software has made the whole task of managing bundles of forms filled by students get completed in a single click. Now you won’t have to feel burdened with manual account keeping and bookkeeping because OnMat is here to automate the entire process.

What changes a martial arts school software brings to you?

Just like your school needs discipline and planning, the school administration jobs also need structured planning and discipline, which is quite contradicting in the manual process.

Therefore, if you choose to implement the Martial Art School Software for your school, you get the right structure to carry out all tasks.

The software helps you in;

Taking out a good chunk of time from your admin duty every week

Simplifying the students’ grading process and belt management

Creating visible timetables for each instructor, including you, for better management of classes

Making fee collection a hassle-free and automated process

Keeping student informed for their dues and next fee cycle

Coordinating with students for their feedback and counseling

Generating automated receipts for their fee submissions

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How to select software for your martial arts school management?

List your expectations from the softwareYou aim to purchase the Martial Art School Software for easing out your administrative process. Therefore, you should list out all the expected features like monthly and weekly insights of students joining and leaving the school, smooth payment process, better customer support, automated billing, bookkeeping, etc.

You can list out more such requirements and tally with contenders out in the market.

-Identify and research the cost included

All good things cost a little extra and therefore, you will have to keep this fact in mind that this software may also cost you a little fortune. However, you will not regret your investment for once because this software will ease out your pain of performing as a one-man army on the school front.

Moreover, as you research software cost, make sure you get complete knowledge about its cost, maintenance fee, upgrade fee, membership plan, or other features that incur extra cost to you.

-Research about the various onboarding processes

A lot of software comes as integration to your existing websites, whereas others give you an online portal to get started. In both cases, there is a lot of work involved. Therefore, you must consult the developing agency about both possibilities and prepare yourself and your staff in advance.

-Check all the security credential associated with it

As the Martial Arts Management Software will have sensitive data like students’ personal information, payment credentials, etc., you will have to be careful about its security and protection. You must ask the developer agency about the SSL certificates and other data encryption features so that the data is safe online.

-Analyze the customer support of software 

Once you have purchased the software, it will be with you for a considerable amount of time. In between, you may face a lot of technical glitches and issues which might need immediate support. Having said that, the software should come with 24/7customer support for ease of processing.

Get a demo for a better outlook

A reliable software development company always prefers giving a demo before making money from you. One such company of great ethics is JIBASoft. You can get an online demo from the company experts before you get this martial arts school software. 

For smooth services, visit their website and place your query. They will assist you and clear any doubts pertaining to the software.

The martial arts studios and dojos should adapt automation before technology spreads its wings broader.

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