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Ways To Make New Members Feel Welcome on the Occasion of New Year

January 5, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

Happy New Year 2018!!

Martial arts training improves the general health and emotional well-being, increases self-esteem and self-confidence as well as decreases tension, stress, anxiety and depression. As the new year begins, many people will now be planning to join a martial arts studio and take the full-time membership. If you are a martial arts school owner, you must be prepared to welcome new members and feel them welcome.

As a martial arts school owner, you need to prepare yourself so that you can manage the classes, registration, and billing at the same time! Also, you have to make each and every new member feel welcome after they join your studio. Our martial arts management software – OnMat – can put an end to this nerve-wracking process. The cloud-based software is a perfect weapon that has all the tools and tactics that you require to grow your business.

Here are some helpful tips to make people feel welcome and part of your martial arts studio:

Take out Time to Talk to Them – No one wants to feel ignored or isolated when walking into an unfamiliar setting. This is the time you should reach out to them. Introduce yourself, ask them what brought them in and if they had a good holiday. This simple interaction can have a huge impact.

This is also a great chance to schedule a short consultation to get a better idea of why they are here or why they want to learn martial arts. This is the first time you need to show them what your business is all about. After all, a first impression will have a significant impact on your ongoing relationship, so make sure it’s a positive one.

Manage Billing & Registration – Once you are done with the classes for the day, register new members with the convenience of the iPad, sign contracts and take payments easily. Tell your newly joined members that you will be instantly notified about the expiry of the membership with customizable series of email reminders.

The software will also help you keep track of attendance of all the newly joined students. Our OnMat software also lets you have access to schedules, cancellations, messages, and skill progressions from your smartphone itself.

Put Together a Welcome Bag – Everyone likes to be greeted with good souvenir upon welcome. This is the best way to show your investment in new members and to help your business stand out in the era of competition. This can be either simple or complex, on the basis of the budget you have. You can give the newly enrolled students a sticker with your business’ logo, a water bottle, belt or costumes they need to learn martial arts at your studio.

Not planning to spend much money? Make all the prospective candidates feel comfortable when they join your studio. You give time to teach your new enrollments, and let the administrative tasks be managed by our martial arts management software. Giving a warm welcome shows that you have gone the extra mile to earn their business.