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Ways To Promote Your Studio With Dojo Management Software

October 14, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

With each passing batch, you need to upscale the game of your martial arts studio so that the business keeps running. But! Upscaling your martial arts business and keeping the money influx running requires a good strategy. Therefore, get yourself acquainted with basic ways to promote your business by using dojo management software, organizing content, or building a great presence on your social media page.

So, let’s get started with this blog that teaches the right strategies to build your martial arts business by promoting it.

How to do the promotion right? A few steps……

Self-defense is the need of the hour because the crime against women & girls is increasing at a staggering rate. By learning martial arts, women and girls can be sufficient to protect themselves in unforeseen circumstances and stay independent. But even if martial arts are so important, people seldom pay attention to joining a martial arts studio. Therefore, you will have to bring awareness if you wish to teach society its importance and simultaneously bring business to your studio. Let’s see in how many ways you can achieve the target.

-Put awareness camps and manage students with martial arts studio software

So far, the best strategy is to put self-defense and martial arts awareness camps and invite parents with students to participate in them. You can manage walk-ins with the help of your martial arts studio software and build up data for warm callings. During the camps, you can make parents aware of learning martial arts as a self-defense tactic and as a disciplinary art. You can motivate parents to send their kids for trial classes to your studio, and if they like the classes, they could enroll later.

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-Promote your business on social media pages

Nobody can deny the power of social media these days. With people glued to social media most of the time, you can bring your studio to their notice by posting information about martial arts, self-defense, and discipline building.

Your social media page should have complete details about your martial arts studio and website. Social media is a place where winning over people’s trust takes time. You will need to be consistent with your efforts and keep posting stuff related to your studio, martial arts, etc.

-Hire a skilled marketing person for the promotional campaign

Promotional marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, you should hire a person who has worked for it and gained skills for it. As said earlier, hire a person with great marketing and promotional skills to design a campaign for your martial arts studio. Introduce him/her with your dojo management software, trainers, and data about the institute to present it right in front of parents and prospective clients.

-Prepare lecture on self-defense and upload online 

The least you can do is – make people aware of the self-defense and importance of martial arts. You can prepare content like visual lectures on self-defense and the importance of martial arts and post them on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the informational lectures, people will get motivated to sign their kids with your martial arts studio for classes. If not, then at least you will be happy to enlighten people about the traditional art form and help carry forward the lineage.

-Tie-up with local colleges and school

Schools and colleges are hot spots for the promotion of your martial arts studio. Many kids out there join camps to learn martial arts for self-defense. By organizing self-defense seminars in schools and colleges, you can motivate kids to join your institute. Also, you can tie up with schools and colleges to especially send their kids to your martial arts studio. All you have to do is – tell them how efficient your trainers and martial arts studio software areYou may further discuss discounts, etc.

So, these are some ways with which you can successfully promote your martial arts studio. While promoting your studio, you must remember that you will have to showcase your strengths like a credible dojo management software like OnMat for automated billing and student management, experienced trainers, and a good learning atmosphere in the studio. If you haven’t purchased the software yet, contact JIBASoft for a demo.

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