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Ways To Reduce Operational Cost And Increase Members’ Engagement

January 22, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

After the pandemic, when the whole world precisely restarted, martial art schools faced a major setback. They had the real issues flashing back and forth, including reducing the operational costs, increasing their members’ engagement, and bringing new students for admission.

However, soon a few martial arts schools’ owners realized the need to make the system more digital, making all the processes automated. In fact, they found it highly feasible and cost-saving while shifting the entire management system, classes, and other associated processes online.

Here is this article; also, you will be shown a brighter side of getting dojo business software and taking the whole process online.

How taking your business online will reduce operational costs?

  • Search for complete software for martial art school or Dojo management – 

During pandemic, the biggest setback that harmed businesses, especially martial art schools, was gathering people in a confined space where social distancing norms would be possible to follow. In such scenarios, people decided to stay in-house and give up their desire to learn martial arts.

Moreover, office staffs weren’t positive about coming to perform their official responsibilities. In such scenarios, martial arts school management and business software came up as genie and granted smooth and cost-effective management.

The software has helped bring whole process online and made it a cake walk for students and associated martial art instructors by making learning an uninterrupted process. But many martial art schools are still unaware that they can further reduce the operational cost of their martial art schools with the help of dojo management software.

  • Make members switch to ACH or automatic payment system – 

Gone are the days when you had to sit with a receipt book to take fees individually and cut a receipt. These days, well-equipped dojo software is more like dojo payment collection softwareNow, you don’t have to stand and deal with long queues to collect fees. You can ask the members to pay online through your designated payment gateway and get a receipt via SMS and email. Also, you can ask them to switch to ACH (Automated clearing house). This will make the whole process automated without setting multiple reminders for the payments to be done every coming month.

Also, top martial arts school software like OnMat by JIBASoft comes with a revolutionary system’ PAY AS YOU GO.” In here, your members only need to pay when they plan to take the classes. However, this feature is only for only registered members. JIBASoft can make changes in their dojo tuition collection software according to your specific business needs.


  • Streamline your belt management and student assessment through the online system – 

 As you get custom martial art school software, you get the freedom of tracking online classes, belt management, progressions of class ranks and major ranks, belt-testing dates, assessment dates, online assessments, and performance management.


Throughout, you can also plan to put learning videos and other stuff online so that students find it highly engaging while browsing through your martial art school software. You can also make a dedicated section for awards and achievements of previous members and current members. It will be a source of motivation and skill enhancement.

Apart from the above steps, you can also plan for announcing daily activities and goals to enhance students’ interaction and engagement. Overall, everything will be possible if you have customized dojo software like OnMat. So, visit the official website and place your query. The team JIBASoft will be happy to help you achieve the goals of enhancing members’ engagement and reducing overall operational costs for your Dojo.