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When Opening Martial Arts School, Keep These Expert Tips in Mind

September 4, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

Whether you are an owner of a martial arts school currently or planning to open a one in the near future, the best way to be successful is to know about your competitors and what all steps you are required to take to reach your goal. Although success varies from school to school, one thing is true throughout: “If you wish to serve your students for years to come, you need to have the strong hold over your school finances.”

With the goal of helping martial arts school owners to create financial success for themselves, JIBASoft has introduced martial arts school management software. With simple access and a smart dashboard, you can manage members’ data, track their attendance, create belt testing programs, and manage ranks and so much more. Our OnMat software takes care of all your admin tasks. However, in order to outrank your competitors, always follow the below mentioned expert tips:

Martial Arts School Management Software

You Need to Build a Strong Student Base – When you have a large student base, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. A successful martial arts school on an average will have 200+ students. Another quality that one should learn from the successful owners is how to retain this large student base. The key here is not to go out and gather as many new students as possible. Once you’ve found the students who will be a great fit for your school, make sure that you remain loyal to them for years to come. Social management can help you build a strong student base. Reduce attrition via engagement with your members. The OnMat software has integrated social media management tools that help you do marketing of your business which in turn fetch new students and retain the existing ones.

Focus on Your Expenses and Learn to Manage it – Two largest expenses that martial arts school owners will have to bear are personnel and facility costs. Due to hectic schedules, the school owners also find it difficult to manage the expenses, keep track of the fee received and failed and late payments and so on. With billing software integrated directly into OnMat dojo management software, it becomes easy to collect fees from your members and keep track of the payments. When integrated payments are processed with business applications, you end up saving both time and money thereby reducing errors. This, in turn, helps you get a better, more accurate view of your business. Our OnMat martial arts billing software helps you do exactly that!

Manage Students’ Skills & Abilities – If you want to outrank your competitors, your aim should be to focus on the skills of the students and help them achieve their set goals. By using our martial arts school management software, you’ll be able to define skills and ranks, manage belt testing, and promote your members as they progress through your curriculum. A well-implemented skills management process enables you to identify the skills that are needed to achieve a set of specified goals.

When opening a new martial arts studio, believe in the quality of training and other services you provide. Avoid doing everything by yourself, instead, believe in the power of martial arts school management software to be successful in the years to come.