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Why consider martial arts billing software for managing your studio well

June 20, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Whether you have recently started a martial arts studio or already have an established one, you need to manage it well like a regular business. It is because you are running your studio to earn money only. So, when it comes to managing a studio, you require certain financial skills and tools, like effective martial arts billing software, to maximize revenue.

While some people still use a spreadsheet for tracking and managing their expenses and revenue, this tool is time-consuming and also prone to some errors. Hence, it does not provide the efficient information you need to understand the accurate financial position of your studio. But when you use martial arts billing software, you can ace the complete financial management of your school. This further helps you to run your studio efficiently.

Are you still not sure about the use of billing software for managing your studio? If so, you need to read the following reasons to understand the benefits of proper financial software for running a martial arts studio effectively and efficiently.

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1. User-friendly and simplified payments

Good billing software comes with the right features, including a direct option to pay to the bank through fast track process. So, if you use JIBASoft martial arts billing software, you don’t have to stress over bouncing or loss of cheques. Plus, no need to go to the bank frequently. This software is user-friendly and offers you a very simplified way of making payments. Using the app, you can get payments and refunds anytime during the day or at night.

2. Communicate with members about payment delays

JIBASoft billing software also helps you with martial arts student management and tracks every aspect of payments. It means that you can directly communicate with the students or members about payment delays and failed payments. In such cases, you can send custom communication emails to students notifying them to take action and make the payment soon. Certain links for clearance can also be shared to ensure they offer their dues.

3. No more costly errors with martial arts billing software

When running a business, you must be aware of how much even a small mistake can cost in a billing process. Such mistakes can even spoil your relationship with the members. However, with the advanced martial arts billing software, you have a transparent system for billing. Even students can easily access their payment details, missing payment dates, due payments, and other information by simply logging into a student portal. Hence, there are fewer chances of errors. Meanwhile, this software also helps you to improve customer experience. And, when customers are happy, they are most likely to recommend your service to others as well.

4. Insightful financial reports

An in-depth study of finance is vital for businesses to determine their upcoming future developments. It also ensures that the core requirements are concise, accurate, and error-free. With advanced martial arts billing software, you get a precise understanding of the finances while admins get to export CSV files based on payments, sales, and customer balances within a specific time range. You can get detailed reports on credit card and ACH transactions while partnering with 360 Payment Solutions.

Unlike spreadsheets, you don’t have to gather the information through multiple sheets for creating a proper report for billing software. You can form any sort of report within a few minutes with only a few clicks. Such reports are useful for taking appropriate steps to enhance the profitability of your studio.

5. Automate memberships with martial arts billing software

When processing a membership-based service, needs a high level of administration work.  However, the martial arts student software with a billing process can help you manage everything automatically. From installment plans, refunds, recurring deposits, and direct deposits to auto-renewals, this software handles everything well. All this is not possible using spreadsheets or when managing bills manually. So, it is best to automate your memberships for the effective running of your martial arts business. It could also save you a lot of effort and time that you often need for growing a studio.

6. Save money with martial arts billing software

With the automatic billing software for your studio, you can handle finances 24/7 without the need for an accountant to manage the entire cash flow. This saves you money that you would otherwise need for hiring an accountant. With the automated billing system, you can easily enter key information about your members and memberships. And, the software will handle the rest. From generating settlement reports and offering income overviews to sending emails to members about membership plans, it can handle it all. Hence, it saves you time, money, paperwork, and labor.


For measuring business success, you certainly check the financial metrics. Therefore, you require automated OnMat martial arts billing software by JIBASoft to manage your studio’s financial structure without errors. That’s how you can make big savings while tracking your finances efficiently. As a result, you can improve your profit margins too.

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