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Why Should You Automate The Management of Your Martial Arts Studio?

July 15, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Martial arts school management seems to be a small entity, but in reality, it is not. It is the process of managing staff, members, keeping track of inventory, accessories, equipment, and essential amenities up to the minute and ready.

With all these responsibilities in hand, the role of martial arts studio owners manifolds which sometimes create havoc too. And the cherry on the cake is – when facility-related issues rise, or any one of staff is on leave.

Therefore, these days, it is prudent to go with the flow of technology. Automate the process of martial arts studio as much as possible with reliable Martial Arts Members Management Software, which also works more like student management software.

Once you move hand in hand with automation, you will find complexities diminishing by a greater degree. Some of the visible advantages you will gain are;

Time-saving over manual booking operations

Manual booking or registration is highly deceptive of all the tasks. It consumes time which is coupled to get bigger with keeping manual records and bookkeeping. But, it is all readily manageable with a slight change in the system if you didn’t know.

Subscribe to any credible martial arts studio software like OnMat by JIBASoft and forget the paperwork. The software will provide your freedom to register new members online, schedule classes, assign classes to teachers, perform data management, and broadcast essential information with a few clicks.

In no time, your staff and members will get notified about the classes, schedules, and any other information you have broadcasted for them.

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Simplified payments online

The online software simplifies a lot of hassle, including the complex payment system. With an automated system, you reduce the time consumed in completing the payment or fee collection process, making your members happy.

With an online system, you get the options to pay via multiple modes, including net banking, cards, wallet, etc. The online system reduces the hassle included in the payment process to just a few clicks.

Moreover, the best part is – you don’t need cut manual receipts. The receipts of fee collection and payments made by students will be automatically sent to payers.

Automated facility access

Automated facility check-ins have made another task far easier – surveillance. With the automated software, students and members can check-in using their registered IDs and access services without fail.

These days, most upgraded software also provides QR code check-in, which facilitates easy access to the library and other information available online.

Secure and safe member data

Credible software is always up to the minute with the latest cybersecurity compliance. OnMat is one such Martial Arts Members Management Software that keeps members’ and students’ data secure. The software maintains integrity and confidentiality while processing the information.

The software also does not share your data with any third party and keeps you safe from imposters and cyber theft.

Attract more members with inbuilt marketing tools

OnMat by JIBASoft also comes in-built with marketing and promotion tools. A studio owner can easily promote their services online and attract more and more students for better leads and revenue. The software comes in-built with email marketing and text marketing tools.

Communicate with a personal touch

It is always prudent for martial arts studio owners to communicate with their staff and members with a personal touch to generate trust and understanding. With the help of an automated, the studio owner can communicate plenty of people at a time without any discrepancies.

You can also understand that a one-on-one talk with every member or student is a little difficult given that you have other piled-up work to complete as well.

See the attendance of members and staff online

With an automated Martial Arts Members Management Software like OnMat, you can see the progress in students’ attendance, member attendance, and the following schedule.

The dashboard of software shows everything which is accessible to studio owners without much effort.

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The final put

Automation is the need of the present day. Being a martial arts studio owner, it becomes your priority to devise ways for the smooth functioning of your studio. And if we talk about smooth and automated functioning, then the software is nothing less to give credits.