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Effortless Billing for Dojos: JIBASoft’s OnMat Martial Arts Studio Billing Software

June 7, 2024 • JIBASoft INC

It takes more than simply student management and technique instruction to run a martial arts studio. Taking care of the administrative duties, especially the invoicing procedure, is one of the most difficult parts of running a dojo. The complexities of billing can become a time-consuming and frequently frustrating process for many studio owners. Introducing JIBASoft’s OnMat, a ground-breaking product that simplifies this procedure. With the help of our cutting-edge martial arts studio billing software, you should be able to concentrate on teaching martial arts instead of worrying about how to run your dojo’s finances.

The Importance of a Strong Martial Arts Billing System

Before delving into JIBASoft’s OnMat features, it’s critical to comprehend the reasons your dojo needs a specialized martial arts billing system. Martial arts studio billing software, as opposed to general billing software, is designed specifically to satisfy the demands of martial arts studios. Among other things, it manages goods sales, special events, class fees, and membership dues. Additionally, it guarantees the accuracy, efficiency, and hassle-free nature of these procedures.

Transparency and financial stability are maintained with the use of a strong billing system for martial arts. It lowers the possibility of mistakes, guarantees on-time payments, and offers an unambiguous record of every transaction. This helps with budgeting and fosters confidence in your students’ families by displaying a transparent breakdown of their costs and payments.

What Makes the OnMat by JIBASoft Unique?

Martial arts studios are the target market for JIBASoft’s OnMat, which is why dojo owners looking for dependable and effective billing software for their martial arts studios should choose it. Several salient characteristics distinguish OnMat from alternative billing systems:

  1. Personalized Payment Schedules

Every dojo has different budgetary requirements and arrangements. Payment options can be customized with OnMat to meet the unique requirements of your martial arts studio. All payment formats can be supported by our martial arts studio billing software, regardless of whether you provide class packs, monthly memberships, or special event costs. Giving your students the freedom they require, you can set up split payments, one-time payments, or regular payments.

  1. Automated Payments and Billing

The ability of OnMat Martial arts billing system to automate the invoicing and payment process is one of its best advantages. With no human involvement, this payment system for martial arts makes sure that all fees are paid on schedule. The software can generate receipts, handle payments, and send out invoices automatically. This minimizes the possibility of errors related to manual billing while also saving time.

  1. Detailed Reporting

Accurate record-keeping and financial transparency are essential for any business. With its extensive reporting features, OnMat gives you a thorough understanding of the financial situation of your studio. Reports on income, unpaid invoices, and transaction histories are all generated. You can easily keep track of your earnings and outlays with our martial arts billing system, which will assist you in making wise financial decisions.

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  1. Integrating with Diverse Systems

Martial arts studios can easily integrate JIBASoft’s OnMat with other management systems. This Martial arts studio billing software can integrate with other applications to provide features including communication tools, student management, and attendance tracking. This integration makes sure that every facet of your dojo’s operations is coordinated, which results in a workflow that is more simplified and effective.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

The intricacy of many billing systems is one of their main drawbacks. OnMat, on the other hand, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The user is the focus of our martial arts studio billing software’s design, so even non-techies may use it with ease. You can easily access all the tools you require, from creating financial reports to creating payment plans, thanks to the user-friendly design.

Advantages of Using OnMat by JIBASoft

Using JIBASoft’s OnMat as your martial arts studio billing software has many advantages that can improve operations in your dojo.

Improved Management of Resources

With all of its tracking and reporting capabilities, OnMat gives you more financial control over your dojo. It’s simple to keep an eye on your financial flow, keep track of overdue bills, and make future spending plans. This improved financial control aids in preserving your studio’s financial stability and averting any future cash flow problems.


Your dojo’s needs for administration will expand along with it. Since OnMat is scalable, it can meet your martial arts studio’s expanding needs. This martial arts billing system can easily handle the additional workload, regardless of the size of your studio chain—whether you are in charge of a single dojo or a sizable one.

Enhanced Contentment with Clients

Accurate and timely billing improves client happiness. The openness and dependability that OnMat provides are valued by students and their families. You can foster trust and pleasure among your students by sending them bills that are both clear and precise and by making sure that the payment procedure runs smoothly.

Enhanced Effectiveness

OnMat automates billing and payments, freeing up time that might be better used for instruction and dojo expansion. You are no longer required to manage invoices and follow up on late payments for hours at a time. You may concentrate more on your students and their training thanks to this increased efficiency.


You are investing in a tool that increases productivity, strengthens budgetary management, and raises customer satisfaction when you choose JIBASoft’s OnMat. By keeping your dojo’s financial operations under control, our all-inclusive martial arts billing system frees you up to concentrate on what you do best—teach martial arts. Accept the dojo management of the future with OnMat and see how it may benefit your studio.

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